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This is an easy way to shop for an automobile online. Search for the car you’re looking for from the comfort of your own home.

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There are no forms to fill out or sensitive information to exchange. Just search and shop for the car you want from a wide selection of new and used car dealers across the US.

Connect Directly With The Dealerships

There is no middleman to deal with on Automart USA, we offer a direct connection between car shoppers and the dealership they choose.

Search A Vast Selection Of Automobiles

Search for any car. Whether it’s new, certified, a sedan, truck, SUV, whatever it may be, we have you covered at Automart USA.

Locate The Dealership Where Your Dream Car Is

Search our directory of hundreds of dealerships across the country and locate which one has the car of your dreams.


Let AutoMart USA Be Your Business’s Secret Weapon

AutoMart USA is an amazing resource for dealerships that are looking to grow their business and advertise more online. We connect car buyers directly to you, this is how we help your business thrive and grow.

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Deal Directly With Car Buyers

Here’s More Of How We Work to Serve You

Grow Your First-Generation Leads

First-generation leads have a closing rate of 25-40% while the third-party leads dealerships rely on so heavily only have a closing rate of 4-7%. The ability to connect directly to the car shoppers means your first-generation leads will increase and so will your sales.

No Middlemen

There is no intermediary to deal with like on other auto classified websites. This is a way to connect with the public directly and boost your business based on the merits of your stock.

Be Found Easier

The car buying process takes the average shopper six months to a year to complete and on average, most folks will visit 1.2 dealerships to complete their purchase. Having your inventory available directly to the shopper as they browse gives you shoppers and buyers that will connect directly with you.

AutoMart USA Is Everything You Will Ever Need To Shop For A Car

#1 For Dealers & Buyers

Direct connection between dealerships and car buyers.

No Worries, Only Shopping

No forms to fill out, no sensitive information to exchange.

Find Your Dream Car

Search our directory of hundreds of dealerships.

Boost Your Sales

Dealerships grow their sales and boost business.

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