Acura ILX 2020 is daunting its rivals

Acura ILX 2020 is daunting its rivals


What would a world look like if there ain’t a thing like luxury and deluxe automobile spanning on the roads? It behoves us to reflect in accordance with the trend-setting thing. ACURA does the embodiment of a minor alteration of the Latin word which comes out as “something done with precision”. This miniature word ‘Acura’ springs out the meaning as something done with mechanical precision and accuracy.

The ILX by ACURA is an even more dressed-up arrangement of the happy-go-lucky car Honda CIVIC. This car ILX does lack the performance levels that its name promulgates as ‘something done with precision’. A raft of high-end features and a tidy-sum desirable characteristic is what we get in its standard arrangement. Unfortunately, more upheaval and a lifted performance stroke could have been given with this perfectly arranged masterpiece. Scoop out the information you might require for bringing this rapacious machine in your garage.

Performance, Engine And Transmission

The engine-revolutions is quite a slick thing and although the ACCURA ILX is not the most agile and swift but it does make us languish for the VTEC-powered version of HONDA sedans. The exclusive power-train boils a 201-hp-4-cylinder with a four-wheel-drive confluent to a 8-speed-smooth-textured automatic transmission.

The handling has quite a unique and magnanimous stroke but that doesn’t ousts-out the cabin noise but the outer hullaballoo might penetrate inside the cabin too. Not at par in speeds with its rivals like Mercedes Benz A-Class and Audi-A3 but this soft and sleek ILX has brilliant braking and velvety-paddle-shifting.

Base engine size 2.4 litre
Base engine type 1-4
Fuel tank hold 13.2 gallon
EPA mileage estimates 24 city/34 highway
Horsepower 201 hp
Horsepower rpm 6800rpm
Torque 180 lb-ft
Torque rpm 3600

Colour Harmony

  • Platinum white pearl.
  • Lunar silver metallic.
  • Apex blue pearl.
  • Performance red pearl.
  • Majestic black pearl.
  • Modern steel pearl.
  • Canyon bronze metallic.

Comfort, Cargo and Interior

The comfort availed with this ACURA is somewhat relatable to your bed-room and the plush cabin calls-for-your embarking inside but a rather wretchedly arranged rear seating is what rear passengers might fume-up with. The standard arrangement and format is surfeiting with features like warm sport seats and transpicuous sunroof and to alter the weather inside you’ve got a dual-zone automatic climatic control.

Whilst the adroit dashboard replicates a passé emotion that springs out gone-with-time thing but we too have glossy screens adorning a whole new get-up as that of an A-class. The snugly storage ain’t like a CIVIC but ILX has a gigantic trunk which adorns the subcompact definition.


Infotainment / Docudrama and Connectivity

Astonishingly a scrimp of infotainment cluster resides with the base model but reaching out to higher trims like Premium, A-spec and technology models we get to adorn a full 8.0 inch of infotainment with Android auto-play and Apple Car-play too.


Pricing Decisions

The pricing mechanism laced with this car is somewhat a bountiful arrangement that we get and though it sought a bucket-of-bucks to be spent on but we do get a host of extravagant upgrades like altered upholstery with leather-strokes, elevated driver assists, infotainment with an upheaval status and an ELS full-zoot audio system.

Price : $26 895

Trim-levels and Configurations

Base (power & rpm) 201 hp and 6800 rpm
Premium (power & rpm) 201 hp and 6800 rpm
Technology (power & rpm) 201 hp and 6800 rpm
Premium & A-spec (power & rpm) 201 hp and 6800 rpm
Technology & A-spec(power & rpm) 201 hp and 6800 rpm

Features And Driver-Assist Controls

  • Blind-spot monitoring.
  • Rear cross-traffic monitor.
  • Multi-rear view camera.
  • Acura navigation system.
  • Acura link connected services.
  • Dual-zone automatic climate control.
  • Acura watch offers driver-assist controls.
  • Collision mitigation braking system.
  • Adaptive cruise control.
  • Road-departure assist.

Pros and Cons


  • Inexpensive extravagant car.
  • Apt for travelling longer routes.
  • Robust and determined engine.
  • Safety-oriented car.


  • Not an aggressive sports sedan.
  • A scrimp of all-wheel-drive.
  • Worrisome back-seats.
  • Uproarious cabin.


Q.1 Which one is better ILX or TLX?

Ans. For those seeking to plush into an affordable luxury should go blindfolded for the ACURA ILX but performance packed exuberance comes with the ACURA ILX.

Q.2 Is it true to deem that ILX is an expensive machine to handle?

Ans. The average total cost associated with the ACURA ILX is somewhat $435 compared to that of a luxury car which costs around $801 for average maintenance.

Q.3 Does it trample in the snow?

Ans. The answer might dwindle- away from the buyers from this car as it doesn’t offer an AWD system so for those trampling the snowy terrains should rather go for a BMW 3-series.

Q.4 Is ACURA ILX vast than CIVIC?

Ans. The built of ILX is quite that of a miniature on than the CIVIC but when it comes to vastness then CIVIC still can be held accountable for a larger room and space and in-fact it is way more fun-to-drive car than ILX.

Q.5 Which version of Acura is the Fastest?

Ans. Acura NSX is known for its speed as fast as 191 mph that roughly takes 3.1 seconds to flame-out heat-ripples behind the car.