Lexus ES Gets New Touchscreen And Minor Tweaks For 2022

Lexus ES Gets New Touchscreen And Minor Tweaks For 2022

The all-new Lexus Es would be dabbing on some changes before it enters the market in the year 2022. The grille design changed and tweaked headlamps, and the other visual updates on the car are all its identifiers for the upcoming year.

The driver assistance suite of the car goes elevated and the car also receives some new infotainment touchscreen as a newbie. There happened to be an automotive show in Shanghai lately where the car showed some of its newbies.

Lexus ES Sedan showed off its enhancements in Shanghai Auto Show
Miniature tweaks to the headlights have been made
An all-new auto-leveling feature 
Would be offered with a Hybrid ES300h for the very first time
V6 ES350 models pickers would also be offered ‘Dynamic Handling Package’ which adds adaptive drive modes

The most manageable changed that Lexus has made to the vehicle is but with the infotainment system that has wafted more closely to the driver for an easy dabbing of the controls.

In the 2021 models of the Lexus ES, the buyers could easily upgrade to the 12.3 inches infotainment system but an 8.0-inch screen is floating as standard. 

Lexus ES receives safety system driver assistance features 
Intersection turning assist feature 
Pedestrian detection system
Cyclist detection system 
Curve cornering speed reduction system
Cloudburst grey, Iridium colors are new on the plate
New open wood trim with black open color 
The exact fall of the vehicle can be sighted in this fall

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