The All New Toyota Sequoia Takes A Roll 2023

The All New Toyota Sequoia Takes A Roll 2023

The full-size SUV Toyota Sequoia is finally out with an image that Toyota just shared with us and is said to be using the same twin-turbo V6 engine the one that was used with the Tundra Pickup and that would also offer the I Force Max powertrain that would make 437 of horsepower. 

By the end of this year the rather Toyota Sequoia would make a let fall and the ancient full-size SUV would receive its first generation in nearly 10 years just like the Tundra pickup and the company also revealed that it might come in right next quarter. 

The Toyota Land Cruiser would soon be replaced by the Toyota Sequoia and the Sequoia is near to that of the Tundra Pickup. 

TNGA-F body on the frame platform would be used
An independent rear suspension system
Chrome window trims, a thin tail light, wheels, shiny door handles
Digital gauge cluster, 14.0-inch touchscreen
An off-road oriented TRD model is available
Twin-turbocharged V6, 348, 405 horsepower, and torque respectively
A new MAX Turbo V6 437 horsepower is existing

The new Toyota Sequoia is soon coming out in the showrooms by the end of this year.