Aston Martin ‘Superleggera’, Story Of Superlight 2021

Aston Martin ‘Superleggera’, Story Of Superlight 2021


The takeaways have been set out either in a convertible ragtop Volante or a hardtop coupe, the Aston Martin Superleggera is highly tenacious than the dazzling name it carries.

This grand tourer hasn’t any hands drenched in the work of illuminating light which rather is the literal meaning of this Italian name’ Superleggera’ meaning super light.

A 715 horsepower tuned in with a V-12 engine comes engraved and engrossed in the engine of this lightning beauty and this DBS can levitate nearly up to 211 mph of top speed on the highways but is found most relaxed and filled with equanimity on the leisure run of the cities.

The lightning pricing pulled and kept intact for this car stands nearly to that of the fumes of the likes of Mclaren and Ferrari, but this ‘power sufficed’ beauty doesn’t get you in that sharp handling niche and rather prompts you to slow down to be sighted by the onlookers.

What’s New In The Bonnet Of 2021?

There aren’t any judicious and discerning changes for the year 2021 but to pay down the heavy tribute to the most highly famed named Hollywood personality, the one verbalized for the Bond role, James Bond 007 will be the latest of all production for the ‘Superleggera’ 2021, which in turn sprung up for the movie ‘No Time To Die’ of Daniel Craig.

Lightning Fast Engine

With a speed-cluster-buster happening because of its blazing speed of 211 mph, the rather ‘superlight’ might not be the accurate penning of the name which ought to have been the ‘super nimble’ because of the lapping it made in 3.2 seconds ranging from 0 to 60.

A twin-turbocharged V-12 engine, 5.2 liters, producing 715 horsepower mobilizing the rear wheels with an eight-speed automatic transmission.


‘SuperLight’ SuperLagerra’s Features

Not either in the NHTSA, National Highway Traffic Safety Administration, and even not in the IIHS, Insurance Institue Of Highway Safety, the interrogative road worthiness schools haven’t been in the state of testing the superlight, the Superleggera.

Some key safety features resting the car are struck below

  • A 360-degree exterior camera system
  • Rear and front parking sensors 
  • Electric stability control with standard airbags

SuperLight, SuperLeggera’s Pricing

Travel either with its cooped style framework or delve with its volante trim, the super decision of the superlight rests superbly with the anticipator, glare down and know the prices.

Trims Pricing
Coupe $319,325
Volante $337,525