AUDI has launched a lease programme amidst pandemic: reLease 2020

AUDI has launched a lease programme amidst pandemic: reLease 2020

The Financial Services Handler of the American Audi, the four circled luxury carmaker has set out plans to incorporate a subtle and yet a distinct financial roll-out which will voyage only in short-term leasing for pre-owned vehicles spanning from 6 to 18 months and which will, in turn, set out, the owning of premium cars which aren’t settling in people’s pocket but would surely dispel a larger room for people, provided they own it through reLease system. 

The program reLease will become realistic and achievable through a digital platform of Audi Financial Services. This awe-inspiring and fun-to-explore reLease service would do the feet-first in the Maryland Audi dealerships. To deal with the growing market needs and preferences the occurrence of this great agenda, by Audi, the reLease program will urge the Audi lovers to utilize this program to own up their dream cars on lease. Used car leasing, on flexible monetary terms through the digital mode of customer experience Audi has paved a certain way and in fact, a street anchored on the foundations of leasing concept which will eventually launch off a great scope for the Audi seekers and dreamers. 

No matter what luxury and extravagance were offered by any automaker but who was sure and aware enough of a tiny virus named COVID-19 would be so hazardous and deadly that not only it ruined the auto-world but spurred real havoc amidst the laughter of city streets. The precautionary profile of the people here took a bold turn and to ease out their safety standard of owning a car.

Audi stepped amidst the pandemic-driven-times and so launched long-term financial commitments. On the roads and in the auto industries of American world, the customers are ever-darted with the utmost attention and surprisingly that really stroked hard, the world of Audi, that customer has been set as the upright standing tall element of the auto business, chuckled by Daniel Weissland, president of Audi America.

The spanning of luxury cars ain’t always a dream weaved by the collectible car owners but owning a premium car, which sets an example on roads is what really is made true by the ‘Silver-Quadruple-Circled’ Audi

There’s a set of cars which have been nuzzled forward and included for the reLease program and standing tall and upright are cars named as A3, A4, Q3, Q5, and Q7 and these are vehicles which will be procuring a place ranging from 6 to 18 months as based on the inventory availability.

The vehicles here listed will go through a phase of reconditioning and a major refurbishing which will bail out any deficiencies and flaws and in turn will revamp the oldie into a whole new ‘NEW’ arrangement.

Audi hasn’t got its hands drenched in providing the leasing thing but will also pour in the road-side assistance and routinely done maintenance. The participating dealerships will be inducing the standard maintenance of the car. The Audi reLease program will also be patting the leased cars, with mechanical breakdowns with roadside assistance. 

The entire play and picture of so far achieved, leased car, can be thoroughly be viewed again on and contexts like pricing, vehicles available, the details of the program can all be accessed again either by toggling the website with specific registered details or by its application creped for android and iOS. The genesis of this delightful Audi program will be incepted initially in three Maryland Audi Dealerships;

  • Audi Rockville
  • Audi Bethesda
  • Audi Fredrick