Audi R8 2020 facelift and dimensions

Audi R8 2020 facelift and dimensions

'Fiery veins'

Yearning for speeds
Hold this one firmly
It might slip from your hands


The all-new R8  premiered by the four circled brands AUDI has begun its enthralling entrance in the market and will surely have your heads-off.

Although partaking some of the attributes of the Lamborghini HURACAN the Audi R8 is more of soft and curvy but yet a magnanimous car for your mundane driving sessions. On its rear spine is its engine which is responsible for all the uproar and cacophony which does the work of establishing gigantic power pumping that gets you gliding and rocketing on the roads leaving by-passers in an “AWE”.  A slight stroke on its accelerator can haunt you with its blazing thrust that can aggravate your spirits in no time and that truly comes from its V-10 engine that springs a howling 602 horsepower which totally resides with the version you lock for your purchase but undoubtedly there is no such power like the one in this hostile- lion.

Performance, Engine and Transmission

Majorly equipped with two engines that are strengthened for all sessions of racing.  Not just that but it can torment the territory of those nearing its roaring aura and can shake the hell out of them in a split second. The gearbox of this car is not meant for swift actions but can occasionally arouse neck-shaking scenarios because the gear shifting might daunt the novices. Unlike the baser versions of R8 which hosts an adaptive suspension, the upper trims are erected upon a kind of setup which is quite more aggressive and hostile to adjust with.

Nevertheless, both the engines rolled by Audi R8 can pleasantly eat up the bumps and jerks of the roads offering you the maximum ride quality sessions. If you aren’t low on pocket then you are doubly benefitted with the performance offered by R8 because the kind of dynamic and unmatched driving quality Audi offers is going to get you contented for sure. Barring the Audi R8 from the cluster of minimalistic and dropping in those of charming ones is not a new case but in fact, the R8 is often times the cause of havoc in the talk of cars. The R8’s graceful nature has a major lacking but on the contrary, it ain’t cool on handling corners with lissom which some people might expect from a super-racing car.

Solacing Comfort, Glossy Interiors And Spacing

A refreshing sober layout is what you are first welcomed within the cabin inside wherein an infotainment display that resides high above the dashboard elicits an attractive outlook on the whole. The four circled brand AUDI renders a certain set of customization with the harmony of its colors like brown, gray, and red leather with quilted texture along with a contrasted composition of stitching done on the seats.

Beautifully mounted controls on the steering case pose a solemn appearance with easy to reach slick controls like ignition button, window controls etcetera. Go light on luggage with this miniature car because you might have to cut down your extra luggage as you don’t get sufficient boot space for your luggage placement.


Infotainment Cluster

Brilliantly arranged multi-media interface(MMI) and instrumentation that displays plethora of information and appears as realistic and futuristic like any other roll-out of AUDI cars.

What calls you inside?
  • A high-tech navigation system.
  • Voice commanding controls.
  • Aesthetically designed infotainment system.
  • Apple car-play.
  • Steering mounted-controls.
  • Android auto-play.
  • 4G LTE and WIFI.

Pricing Decisions

Coupe $172,850
Spyder $185,050
Performance spyder $211,050
Performance coupe $198,850

Engine Specifications

Fuel type Petrol
Engine 5204cc
Maximum power 602bhp at 8250rpm
Maximum torque [email protected]
Seating capacity 2
Boot space 226 litre
Body type Coupe
Fuel tank 73 litres

Key Features

  • Anti-lock braking system.
  • Automatic climate control.
  • Driver airbag.
  • Power steering mechanism.
  • Alloy wheels.
  • Electric windows.
  • Driver airbag.

The Final Verdict

With the blatant build of R8 sprinting on the roads, it has been widely verbalized that locking up your choice with the SPYDER variant is undoubtedly a good option.

While you might be dragged in peculiarities for deciding between standard and performance flavors but on the other side of the question lies that even the 562 – hp version of V-10 engine can scream out a commendable performance.

Pros And Cons


  • Handling and tackling.
  • High-tech engine.
  • Ostentatious interiors.
  • Pleasing appearance.
  • Stable ride quality.


  • Low on mileage.
  • Less smooth turning radius.
  • Lack of essential controls like cruise control.
  • No automated braking system.


Q.1 How fast it can go?

Ans. The model of 2020 can reach out to almost 200 mph.

Q.2 Is it worth buying Audi R8?

Ans. The car holding the accolade for the best racing car goes to AUDI R8.

Q.3 Is it good for mundane driving sessions?

Ans. It is relatively easy and handy with the AUDI R8 to glide onto daily driving sessions.

Q.4 Does it share any resemblances with the engine of Lamborghini Huracan?

Ans. Yes it partakes some similarities with the Huracan’s engine.