Perks Of Owning A Mercedes Benz 2021

Perks Of Owning A Mercedes Benz 2021

Decades Of Bossing Around

From nearly over 50 years of rigorous and zealous work instigated by the team Mercedes in presenting an undisputed and unraveled machine which they believed would never make it to the world is what the story of Mercedes is.

Innovating around the world and showing up with the best of security appeals, the crumble zone of the Mercedes has trudged through the highs and lows of the automotive industry.

Bossing around with a Mercedes under your feet is what goes like a dream to many and flabbergasting and exaggerating it might sound in words but ‘Tis the season of Mercedes’,  it’s no play of bluff but the subjugation of difficult times which had you hard on the heart.

Sniffling what is near to happen in the context of collision is tackled through its ‘PRE SAFE’ system, is a charm in sensing the premonition of collision.

There’s an ‘Attention Assist’ which contributes and motivates your way of driving and within a flick of time learns your pattern of sailing on the roads.

Technological Connect

‘In the Benz’ is a word tagged to those breathing in the realms and are wrapped with a certain vain of pride happened to them and with the Technological aspect named as ‘Mbrace’ one gets to pluck the best of safety features.

Mbrace happens to be the real treat at least for 5 years down the line and once you have it in your ‘handy’ then that’s a luxury candy at the hands of the driver ruling it, powers a great set of safety features interacting with your fingertips.

It hikes up a link by sending your address to the navigation and certainly locks the door with a passable swift matter of time.

Don’t just power your roads with the presence of ‘Benz’ upon it but rather get in touch with your roadside assistance directly through your dealer. 

Get spoiled with some ‘In the Benz’ services that might ruin the calm of others who haven’t felt the smoke of a ‘Benz’, take a look.

  • Hassle-free servicing with remote diagnostics.
  • Locate your ‘Benz’ remotely with the “Mercedes me’
  • Locating and navigating your ‘Mercedes Vehicle’
  • Local search and Yelp-like applications

Brace yourself for with the ‘Mbrace’ security integration dug down in the veins of your ‘Benz’, some security standards are

  • With the availability of  ‘Mbrace’ down in your ‘Mercedes’, the car itself notifies the level of security even when you aren’t leaning into it.
  • In the cases of going stolen or meeting an accident with your car, the aura of staying connected even on the roadsides is what is taken care of with the security of ‘Mercedes’.
  • ‘Save Our Souls’ or SOS service integrations.
  • Alarm notifications
  • Automatic collision detection
  • Switch to ‘Safe Driving’ when you don’t’ feel like driving.
  • Disasters are nowhere to be found pestering with the ‘Crisis Alert’.

Help-Assist 24/7, Spinning Round The Clock

Spending your time by leisuring around in your ‘Daimler’ comes with a yet high-end connection with the ‘Team Mercedes’ that no matter where you prevail yourself as there’s always someone there to pick you up.

With the 24/7 roadside assistance of ‘Mercedes’, there are some services tied to you,

  • Jumpstarting your ‘juiced out car’ which at times goes as dead to instigate.
  • On the spot fuel delivery service.
  • Swapping your flat hoop with the spare one
  • Towage service to lift your car right away to your dealer.
  • Reimbursement of ‘Trip-Interruption Programme’

Appealing Warranty Services

Don’t just own your ‘Daimler’ but rather live your volume of services and perks hooked with the ‘Mercedes Warranty Schemes’ and some of them are mentioned below with the repair exclusions

  • Mercedes batteries
  • Tire schemes
  • Outer appearance items like soft top glass, paint, etc
  • Phone services and communication infrastructure
  • Commercial use of vehicles

Mercedes kept with an improper handling habit and with an ignorant attitude towards the outer body surface, paint, use of third party liquids and parts have all gone as excluded from the coverage, therefore, the warranty schemes of the ‘Daimler’ thing needs a proper tackling and observance.