Bentley Continental GT Speed, Most Dynamic Car Ever 2021

Bentley Continental GT Speed, Most Dynamic Car Ever 2021

The Creed Of Speed

Bentley GT Speed is the most sharply-tuned and performance-focused car for this prevailing year, and the car doesn’t anywhere fall short of lending the most inspiring luxury and comfort to the captain sailing it.

With a more tamed and advanced piece of chassis, the sporting abilities of the car have taken a lift, and the attitudinal stance of the car is way more raised than ever.

The vehicle agility and stability quotient have gone laced with the improved electronic differential for the rear portion, with an upgraded layer of ‘All-Wheel-Steering’, the game didn’t just stay as a rookie but is more of an advanced this time.

There ain’t only a thing upgraded in the engine but in fact, the ‘Speed Edition’ is here walking with an overall ‘Vehicle Upgrade’, let’s hover your ‘Iris’ over what’s so new with the ‘Creed’ of ‘Speed’.

Marvelous stopping power with ‘Carbon Ceramic Brakes’
650bhp(659PS), 664lb.ft(900Nm) 
W12, TSI, 6.0Liter engine is highly renovated and enhanced
Newly inspired engine with 4 new technologies
New craftings of Bentley’s neutral luxury
15 New colors of Alcantara & hide
Speed edition’s speed wheels, fresh sport sills, charming outer detailing session
335km/h top speed, 0 to 100(3.6 seconds)

Exhilarating Performance And Attitude

The ‘Grand Tourer’s best pick has been accoladed to the ‘Bentley Continental GT’ but still stays as resilient and intact in revering the luxury, comfort, and ambiance just like its siblings. 

There lies a cute raise of PS power increase with 4 % to what was existing in the W12, TSI engine but the car didn’t anywhere exist as a novice in maintaining a magnificent 664 lb. ft of torque. 

The engine declutters the urge of power by rendering a somewhat 650 bhp, and the engine and transmission of the luxury hauler have gone as best suited to suit the yearnings of the driver both in terms of speed and torque credentials.


Outer Luxury Details To Capture

The outer masculinity of the vehicle is but an intent to capture not just the handful of the crowd but the entire ‘Automotive Market’, it not only complements the attention to detail by accomplishing all the outer areas but rather diminishes the sulk and angst of the driver with the pristine surroundings.

The luxurious story has just started to unfold, check out these new calls and takes taken on by the ‘Speed’, 

Sharply sculpted sport sills
Radiator grilles with a dark tint
Engraved speed badging right-in-the-chrome
More cleanly done front fender
GT Speed’s bright silver wheels
Bentley’s neatly illuminated tread-plates

A Fascinating And Opulent Cabin

After having been absorbed and immersed in the outer bounteous appeal of the luxurious ‘Continental GT’, the rather inner kingdom can hold you ‘Jaw-Dropped’ for sure.

Bentley’s have ever-boiled with the urge to serve with the best of ‘finesse’ and ‘expertise’ of work for the interior spacing and so has that happened with the car this time.

Dive-in through these upgrades that you might find with a ‘Continental GT Speed’,

Colour split with duotone
Concording matching color with hide and Alcantara
Steering wheel soaked in hide and Alcantara
Iconic speed icon in passenger fascia
Newly added list veneers, Veneer Piano Black as standard
358 liters luggage holding capacity
Bentley’s new driver-focused credentials
The technologically induced instrument panel
Bentley’s special rotating display

Price That Captivates The Patron

Envision yourself as being poured with the sudden glint of the spotlight while you solace your soul behind the wheel of the ‘Bentley Continental GT Speed’, the articulation of the prices that have been tagged to the car is worth every penny in every measuring stance, it’s not only an exchange of money over product but with a gem that you would hold ever from its luxury hem.

Dollar $ 207,825 for hard-top coupe, soft-top convertible