Bentley is here with a new Flying Spur for 2021

Bentley is here with a new Flying Spur for 2021


Planning the trips beforehand becomes more fun when you have a luxury parked in your garage beforehand. There is no real fun than that of pulling out to destinations while slouching and reclining safely and joyously in a car as beauteous as Flying Spur by Bentley.

The Flying Spur is what you might be using to urge your luxury to budge forward. It all starts from its power-packed twin-turbocharged engine and reaches out to its leather and wood-lined engine which poses you with the verve of opulence.

This car does miscellaneous things, nurturing the resting kids, to the laughing pals and the captain of the car altogether are coddled by the Flying Spur. Not everyone gets a chauffeur-driven-car but for them, the rear seats are a solace too and those rocketing high in skies can anytime launch off racing events with its agile engine which might get you to thrust in the driver seat.

What’s New In The Box Of 2021?

The car Flying Spur was re-engineered for the year 2020 so for the year 2021 the clothes aren’t fully changed. A new turn to its steering wheel brings some cool driver-assisted features alongside. The rear-side tables for the picnic are set as optional and the rear door panels would now be wearing a new wood trim.

The Powerful Luxury Engine

There is a trio of a dual-clutch automatic 8-speed engine, a twin-turbo-charged engine, and an all-wheel-drive platform, the trio altogether does the windings and power roll outs. The very initial model of the Flying Spur can spur a somewhat of 542 horsepower with its V8 engine but there’s much fun boiling in its W12 engine which procures 626 horsepower. It almost launched like a rocket by reaching 60 mph in a matter of 3.5 seconds. It is equipped with an adaptive suspension and not surprisingly a rear-wheel-steering-technique.

Safety Features Included

  • Forward collision warning system merged with pedestrian detection feature
  • Emergency braking with an automated technique 
  • Adaptive cruise control with night vision

The Luxury Price Tags

It does take you to a six-figure world and would want your $216, 400 and nearly $250,000 for the garaging thing.