Bentley Flying Spur named as ‘Best Dream Machine’ For 2021

Bentley Flying Spur named as ‘Best Dream Machine’ For 2021

Spur is not always a pointed thorn spike tackled by a cowboy but also an automotive by team ‘Bentley’ and in the garb of ‘Flying Spur’, the most ever-iconic vehicle, is recently awarded by the ‘Driver’s Choice Award’ for its sporting capabilities and was also accoladed by an ‘American TV Series’ for the same.

The connectivity, comfort, and the tour de force of the entire vehicle is but an innovative move and the grand touring sedan also sets the bars of the luxurious era of the posterior world.

The luxe carriage machine is but a luxury offering with these level of engine specifications, 

Staggering W12 with Bentley’s V8 powertrain
Fresh and modern craftsmanship
Road centric and driver-focused cabin

Is it a sugar-coated verbal expression or a piece of exaggeration for the ‘Spur’? Well it ain’t really but the car was in the talks of ‘2021 Motorweeks Choice’ and the car also juiced out the ‘Best Dream Machine’ award.

Motorweek is the epitome of the automotive industry and isn’t loosely gifting the cars with a tag of ‘Best’ or ‘Sought After’ but since 1981 the company strives for these catchy elements in any car,

Cars with best in class performance
Automotive industry trends, buyer’s buying point
Innovative and smart cars
Luxury heightened high-tech mechanism

The ‘Flying Spur’ being dropped ever since the year 2005 was rolled on the calendar, there are nearly 40,000 ‘Spurs’ spurring on the roads of competitions, the most successful ever and one that bewildered much of the sporting cars, ‘Flying Spur’ still stays calm and poised with the tag of ‘Best Dream Machine’.

Some sporting details of the ‘ Bentley Flying Spur’ are

Flying B badging turned lit and illuminated, is retractable
Three-dimensional leather touches
Bentley’s special rotating display
Luxurious external detailing
Finely crafted interiors and points of finesse everywhere

Shambling a whole vault might lend you the option of owning a ‘Flying Spur’ by ‘Bentley’, watch out for the prices and decide accordingly

On-Road Pricing Pricing(Crores)
Flying Spur V8 3.68
Flying Spur W12 3.91