5 Car Brands Going All Electric 2021

5 Car Brands Going All Electric 2021

The Electric Imminence

The fumes of pollution will sooner or later devastate the world, so why not discarding fuel use can be a good and a going green thing. On that note, it was never imagined by people who, even today, drive their lucky fuel-driven cars think that the world will sprint this way, period, the world has gained massive gains in switching on the electric world by expelling the vapors of filth down the mufflers.

For the years to come, some car companies would be going quiet on roads, with no farts behind through mufflers, that’s a pretty good take for a yet-to-happen and imminent thing for us. It has already gone late, back in 2019 companies clasped hands to electric but that idea got bogged down under the layers of fuel, but many have visioned this idea and have even invested nearly $225 billion in building a new Utopia for the world. The imminence is all set, head down, and know more on this hot topic. 


The gone year 2019, which was the year many auto-companies hoped to turn electric, and Volkswagen was one of them, who thought to stream-down massive money into the project of going electric, spoke of nearly $30 billion to invest in developing Electronic Vehicles by 2023 and not just that but it also affirmed concretely to hold at least 40% of worldwide cars as electric, the major fleet would be of EV, it also accentuated on reaching 1 million productions of EVs by the end of 2023, Volkswagen said.



For GMC, it comes to Cadillac as its upper-hand while talking of electric cars, and Cadillac, by the end of the year 2030, would be sprinting all on electricity. There are multiple other avenues which are set as open by GMC for the Cadillac, the president of Cadillac also said that it will bring forth a massive and a giant SUV which would be as large as Escalade which might be creped by 2023.



Mustang Mach-E is quiet and a spectacular car and is quite impressive in every bit of its appeal. This magnanimous crossover Ford Mustang Mach-E was unwrapped in the year 2019 and was coined with the name by the company’s fastest and an iconic car. But these weren’t the only electric scenarios which company thought of but back in 2018.

Ford said it in affirmations it made for the year 2022, to boost up initiatives for the electric car investments which has a lineup of nearly 30 to 40 electric cars.

The blue-ford-egg also beckoned that nearly 17 hybrids and EVs would be crawling the European market nearly by 2024. 



When we have futuristic cars like BMWs and GMCs then we do need to fathom and recognize the ideas behind these magnificent cars, which are draped-in-delight at the hands of some mindful and cognitive people who have had their lives in fabricating up the glossy work for us.

None other than BMW which said in the year 2017 that nearly 15% to about 25% of the fleet of BMW cars group would host majorly EVs, that imminence is for the year 2025

BMW has plans and visions to have an upheaval, as much as, two-folds in the production of electrified vehicles by 2021.



Nissan is nearing its plans of turning-the-electric-bulb of the-electric-world as on and for that, it showed up Nissan Leaf, a cute electric car and has stretched out to build up nearly 8 EVs by 2022.

Ariya Electric Vehicle by Nissan was showcased last year at the Tokyo Motor Show, but that was just a concept version and Nissan also raised hands in taking that imminence into reality by 2021. Ariya EV would be launching you from 0 to 60 in a matter of 5 seconds, will sprint like a brawny athlete for about 300 miles in just a single charge.