Cars that have best in class factory fitted sound systems

Cars that have best in class factory fitted sound systems

The Musical Talk Of Your Car

It’s not always the outer beauty and majestic appearance of a car that goes deep in your heart, but the touch of music, an intuitive sound system does more than that of a car’s appearance. If a car is supposedly brawny and powerful in totality but fails to impress passengers musically, then surely that car won’t surprise you on longer commutes.

People these days who aren’t much into music tend to listen to music tracks even more than those who are anyway connected to music. Music brings a sense of peace during despair situations and tranquilizes the ambiance, now would that make a statement that music has ingrained in our hearts and minds.

To have a layer of music from the aftermarket session can anyhow, with some extra bucks, lift and transform your car’s music profile, but to your amazement, there are some cars which have been pre-fixed with a kind of magnanimous sound system which you won’t get in the aftermarket schemes. 

Below is a construction of some cars which have the top-class factory fitted sound system profiles.

Volvo uses Bowers and Wilkins

The speaker system arrangement of 19 inches comes ladened with presets of musical modes, the Volvo XC 90 carries a Bowers and Wilkins music system which makes you oblivious of the world around you with its music. 

The sound quality comes with modulation and customization which can be molded according to the available listing modes. There is a certain feature named Concert hall, which lifts tunes and tracks from speakers to speakers, lending you an immersive surround ‘Hall like’ experience. 

With a push towards music-inclination, car companies these days are teaming and collaborating with different companies and are emerging with a high-quality-surround-system.


Mark Levinson Sound System In Lexus

It’s a near to 20 years old fellowship and fraternity which Lexus shares with Mark Levinson Sound System provider, 2001 Mark Levinson has fostered and catered to the musical needs of Lexus lovers, delivering them a crisp and on-point availability of world-class music.

Mark Levinson’s sound system has been used in many Lexus cars for 2 decades. Ever thought of playing compressed music files in your system, it has been brought to reality by the latest production of Lexus GSF, which is capable of playing compressed audio files along with rendering a high-quality sound experience. 

The curators of the Mark Levinson sound system have created an emotional touch that connects the driver and the car.


Burmester Sound System In Porsche

An on-point arrangement of 12 speakers gulping a somewhat 821- watt of power consumption, is capable of offering the drivers an arrangement of multiple sound profiles, pouring down a delightful treat of musical experience of the sound system to the passengers. 

That comes not only with the Porsche but has also been found with the S-class of Mercedes, a 3D surround sound system composed of 27 speakers which makes you feel its reverberations tremendously. The analog and digital amplifiers gulping down a somewhat of 1590 watt of power consumption, pleasuring you with the best quality sound arrangement.


Bang And Olufsen Is Ingrained In AUDI

The music system of any car holds all the enchantress to astonish the ‘first-time lookers’. That goes about not only with luxury brands like BMW, Aston Martin, Ford, Bentley, but is also, sighted in the impressive appeal of the AUDI too, the guess goes right, a somewhat of 23 speakers 3D audio system, prepared with advancement features, and the standard is maintained by Bang and Olufsen music system manufacturers.

A sound played with thought manipulation, weaved with Acoustic Lens arrangement technology, can stream down the songs in a unique and subtle pattern. The music system basically gulps down a 1920 watt of power.


Krell Music Systems In Acura Cars

Have you come across the coincidence of using the same set of sound systems for your home theatre and the car, well that is maintained by Krell sound manufacturers, which has its hands drenched in providing the best sound systems ever.

Acura is ladened with a certain set of sound systems, which it builds for the home theatre sound systems too. Listen to every inch of flute sounds, listen comfortably to every string of your guitar, with the Krell speaker system of Acura, made available to you for home experience and for the car too.


The Final Musical Lap

The musical ambiance of a car can either lift you up on roads or else can drift your car by making you goad, it all ends with a remarkable set of musical arrangements, which some high-end music producers have brought in, through their collaboration with Auto companies, making you available with the ‘healthy status of your ear’, by presenting you a comfortable music experience with their music systems.

Above mentioned cars have in them, a world-class theatre-like music experience, put forth by some great companies for the sake of love of music felt by passengers, inside the car’s ambiance.