Different Models of Smart Cars

Different Models of Smart Cars

The Smart was derived from the Swiss Company Swatch with Mercedes Benz and because of this reason Smart stands for Swatch Mercedes ART.

With the growing industry of Compact cars. These cars are considered as the most fuel-efficient, easy to drive and offers a good leg space as compared to other cars.

Let us talk about the 5 differnt models of smart cars which are unique in style and offers 5-speed automated manual transmisson.

These cars offer various features like driverless car, smart wallet, multilanguage support system and advanced traction control.

1.) Passion Coupe

Passion Cabriolet comes with a paranomic roof with a sunscreen, three-spoke leather steering wheel with a paddle shifter. This paddle shifter helps to operate the manual function in automatic manual transmission. Wheels of this model are upgraded with alloy wheels of 15 inches, 9-spoke. It occupied with AM/FM CD and radio with an auxiliary jack. The starting price of passion coupe is $13,990.

2.) Fortwo Coupe

For two coupe is considered as the basic model of smart cars. It consists of a rear mounted 3 cylinder petrol engine and a 5-speed manual transmission.
It consists of automatic start/stop system which triggers the automatic engine-off when car comes in stable state or waiting for the traffic signal to turn green and reduces the fuel consumption.

3.) Passion Cabriolet

Passion Cabriolet Consists of a heating glass rear window which can be easily adjusted according to the speed of the car.
This car comes with an mp3 compatible size disc CD changer consiting an auxiliary port and also a premium sound system. It has a removable tailgate compartment also. Base price of Passion Cabriolet is $16,990.

4.) Brabus Coupe

Brabus Coupe is a performance-minded car which includes features like paranomic roof, aluminium pads and floor mats. It consists of larger tires for inducing better performance. Base price of this car is $16,990.
It offers a sporty body and a sporty exhaust system including front and side skirts.

5.) Brabus Cabriolet

Brabus Cabriolet can be convverted into a true cabriolet which comes with a convertible top and removable side rails. The starting price of this model is $20,990.

Once you go through the blog you can simply decide the model meets your performance.

Initially, Smart Cars were a hit but the owner is shutting down the manufacturing of smart car.

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