Is it safe charging electric cars in the rain ?

Is it safe charging electric cars in the rain ?

Windy blows
Rainy skies
Truncate journeys
Hits and trials


It has been viewed since some years in the past that the electrical world is soon converging in the realm of the most dominant vehicles of the world and a cascading of cars and vehicles is happening with a predominance of the talk to discard fuel-driven cars and having said that there always lies a myth that shakes the brick.

This era of fast-treading cars we aren’t possessing just fuel-packed cars but an exaggerated pace of electric cars too,  but we are somewhere left as deserted with their immune system in rainy seasons, yes you got that right, a car with a diet of electricity- bars and voltage- bread might leave you halfway in your journeying around. Are they built for all seasons or just made to bask the sun?

The Related Doubting Factors Are

The Downpour Might Wet You

‘Ingress protection’ is a set of standard that these electric cars are made and dropped with. Be it IP65 or IP67, it has a certain dependency on the sort of vehicle, moreover, it delivers a set of security criteria used in the measures of dust and water and the higher the number the less a car is prone to the rainy weather.

In wading situations, the car could easily ford about 300 mm of water stream with least of leakage to the electrical elements. The entwining done of the battery elements is carried out in such a manner that the battery hardly lies on the verge-of getting wet.

More Prone To Lightenings And Thunder

The most definite and tough-to-refuse factor for any electric car goes about being as that, a car, might pick some lightening from above the skies while you might drive and tackle your dampened tyres but that’s surely a talk of concern.

The light of truth underlying is that during an untimely rendezvous with a thunderstorm your car will surely succeed in passing down the thunder after having it passed down the exterior surface which is made-up of electromagnetic skins and are found good in repelling the current. This solace is achieved by the effect of Faraday.

Volting Around In Rainy Season Might Jeopardize The Car

We are taught since ages that not to touch any electrical surface with wet hands, well though, it’s certainly associated with your current-induced-car too but on a lower level as the use of ancillary components the propensity of the electricity is reduced at a very lower level.

Jotting the end might throw a torching sparkle on various of myths and doubts and the revelations are claiming that any electric car is tested to oust any stormy conditions and can withstand even the worse of harsh weathers and that too with more of ease that you may not seize.