Electric cars vs petrol cars and best electric cars

Electric cars vs petrol cars and best electric cars


To talk of cars is a thing which is hardly missed by anyone but in fact it’s a more-often thing for people these days that they spare out slots to throw debates over topics like these.  Drenching into a session of the hot topic as one like this “Petrol vs Electric cars” it was brought forward that though these both the machineries have their own subtle benefit and a point-of-run-use but they do carry some small tit-bits of lack too.

While your petrol car might launch-in with a more nimbler way but it fumes up emissions for the environment which wounds the nature while on the other shiny edge of coin a electric car does a whole-lot-good to the nature by having a “Zero-Emission-Mechanism” because it doesn’t drink any fuel-drinks. So yes the point drives us to a converging road which never ends and, more often than not, the usage of electric cars over the fuel-ones we found that insignia of the winner is adorned by the electric cars.

Electricity Over Fuel

It takes a lot more than a mere thought of “turning-electric” for the betterment of the green-nature. And the idea, dropped by these electric-car-companies in some past years have remarkably elevated the ambiance of the air under the sky. By offering a car-driven without fuel, they have taught us to emit less fumes from the silencers, and in fact zero though.

The left-overs of a petrol car are the fumes and vapor of pollution which though is a mechanical machinery process which somehow needs a vessel to emit but that is not the case with an electric one and even though there is a subtle distinction in the machinery and there also happens to be a  gift to the drivers that they emit zero emissions, air-pollutants, green-house gases formations out-from-silencers and eventually we get to contribute, for the first time in history, through our cars we are making more room for people to breath-in fresh air.

The Safety Standards Of Electric Cars Over Petrol Ones

Can it hold your being in the degrees of painstaking behavior? What are its safety features? What about the crashing scenarios?

Pretty emphatic and thought-prompting questions would surely stir up like those mentioned above but, yes, National Highway Traffic Safety Administration has proclaimed that the tackling ability in scenarios like crashing is much more controlled from that of an electric vehicle and though which also pulls-it-out from the cluster of fuel-ones.

The rate of resilience in a petrol car falls short of matching it with the electric ones because the latter will, no matter, what you may go through, would hold you safe and secure in all the road-tragedies so you remain to rest assured just the way you were with a petrol car.

Pros and Cons of an electric car


  • Offers clean-air to the by-passers
  • Zero emission rates.
  • Promotes environment longevity
  • A silent driving experience
  • Zero halts at petrol-stations
  • Low on maintenance
  • No fumes of petrol in the cabin
  • Are more quiter outside and inside
  • Helps avail preferential parking spaces


  • Trouble in finding a charging station
  • Wait until you are charged and full-again
  • The battery mechanism is a bit expensive
  • Restrained driving range

Elite Electric Cars Of All Time

Who doesn’t want to stop by the showcasing of a handful of cars which are newly creped in the past few years and have gained an exemplary niche in the town-of-electric-cars.


The biggest hop that Porsche has made is the one with this TAYCAN which hosts a nuanced power of launching you to 0 to 60 in a flick of 3.5 seconds and that comes from its 600 horsepower engine.
PORSCHE wsa previously destined to build hybrid cars but made a swift switching by being determined to making full electric cars.

The car TAYCAN can pull you 60 miles more and that charming thing becomes realistic with its 800 DC quick-charging-mechanism.The base trim 4S can be truely yours only if you lose $114000 while the upper trims hosting a turbo version might want you to pay a sum of $150000.


Jaguar i-Pace SUV

The first-ever feet first thing along with an electric vehicle ,the luxury car maker JAGUAR has been named as the first incorporator of luxury electric SUVs. There rests a 90 Kwh of battery fitting beneath its iron jacket and it didn’t end there and it also proclaims a tenacious 394 horsepower of engine which hooks along a dual electric motor in it.

The athletic figure of this car can pick you up to 230 miles with a single volt-sipping-session. If you think of a car worth spending electricity on then you might have to loosen a somewhat of $69850 for its baser trims.



The legion of cars that TESLA boasts of has a certain of “to-each-his-own” spice and each of the cars owned by TESLA is a real-time example that stirs up hot debates at a certain interval of time.This MODEL 3 by TESLA is a real-time-electric-luxury which you would never get miffed off.

The accessibility, a light on pocket thing and over-the-top loaded car is what  this MODEL 3 is all about and it comes half the price of MODEL S which was deemed as an electric luxury and even now it happens to be the same. The pricing linked to MODEL 3 is somewhat a hefty sum of $36200 with no upper trims. Reaching into its cabin you’ll probably notice an all-in-one broad glossy touchscreen which is said to be its primary element of displaying information and TESLA has also promised that it will be receiving some of the vital updates in the near future.


Pros And Cons Of Petrol Cars


  • A compact engine
  • Quieter engines
  • Lesser emissions
  • Less Pollutants


  • Low on mileage
  • Less Variants
  • High maintenance costs
  • Less resale value

What Should Be Your Pick For An Electric Car?

  • How heavy your pockets are is a real thing to worry so first you need to check in your money-vault for the kind of trim you would want to go with, as per your needs and spaces though.
  • Availability of the charging stations in your proximity can be a nightmare so do think of that too and after all you have missed the chance of not dropping by the petrol pumps by moving with the electric toy.
  • Your driving dynamics play a role of that of an elephant as to how far you can budge-in for the gazing session. Is it the driving of the city, or you want a long tour being done with your car and many other longevity of roads is what highly correlates with it. So think and contemplate about it.