2020 GMC Yukon Denali Review

2020 GMC Yukon Denali Review

“ Extravagantly Lavish”


The latest in its trim levels the fresh and bold new 4 tyre beast is all-set to bail out those inching to conquer this magnificent and a whole new aesthetic car .

Aesthetically sketched out and refined in all its measures the GMC Yukon Denali  surpasses the boundaries while you glance on it intuitively.

It gets very peculiar while making the call for SUVs and the alleys are contracting at an even more rapid pace while we set up the pace for owning a vehicle.

A new roll out brings about a true upliftment of a car that on a substantial note gets soared and heightened in its aspects and the new generation GMC Yukon Denali has it all to bring your jaw down.


Surprises are always hooked to any new rollout of any car and there always resides a state-of-the-art sort of element which makes the new uplift a whole new facelift.

The whole new feature-packed Yukon Denali has got some great refinements done on its appearance and the most emphatic change is on the exterior outlook that pulls it out from the rest.

The outer grille on the new Denali showcases a fresh refinement on its appearance whereas its previous trim levels were somewhat resembling a quieter and a less confident look.

Beneath its iron-jacket resides a hard to conquer 6.2 liter V-8 engine that emanates 420 horsepower that adds a little more to the fuel consumption scale.

Pretty evident is its giant aspect that its large and vast size has got something to do with the towing ability and the towage ability is of 8000 lbs.


Communing over the YUKON Denali is like adding an extra layer of charm to its existence and that pretty much serves the thing.

The feather touch drive and control that many crave for is that the Denali encompasses all that is desired by an enthusiast rider and to those ferrying to a longer distances .

Turning heads of the bypassers have always been the part of GMC team as they have matched up effectively and seemly with its buyers.

Crafted with 2 powertrains the new Yukon Denali offers controlled power and leaves a heart-melting experience to the driver.

While on the road the GMC Yukon does wonders and sails like a powerboat on water.

Colour Variants

  1. Satin steel matellic.
  2. Onyx black
  3. Summit white
  4. Quick silver metallic
  5. Crimson red tintcoat
  6. White frost tricot
  7. Dark sapphire blue metallic
  8. Smokey quartz metallic

Inside Colour Blends

  1. Dark and dune.
  2. Jet black.


Design and Casing

While embarking upon its inner spaces we come to realise that it offers all new interior design and casing which is wonderfully done up in all stances.

Seating Arrangments

Best in class leather touch seats that offers ample seating ambience and that is not all but in fact the whole interior perfectly resembles as that of your living room but in a mobile attitude.

Colour Touch Used

A chocolate casing and stroke has been added to the dashboard and on the edges of the internal reach outs.

Stitching Style

This trim has got a fractal stitching done on its seats and a pivoting glass handlers are arranged at the centre.

Music On The Go

Stay grooving with its infotainment arrangement that shatters your solitude with musical reverberations.

Denali is housed with Denali BOSE audio system that delivers the sound that echoes in your hearts amazingly post the driving too.



The outer casing of the new YUKON DENALI surely holds your heart for a moment and ever since the new trim has come around the anticipations continue to exist in the market.

Built with apt proportions of stuff and precisely used crafting idea the new DENALI is braced with new chrome detailing that shine seamlessly in the sun.

Stainless steel touch given to the dual twin polished exhaust handles the gurgles of the fuel.

Superior and premium tyres that fit to your sense of style are all available with new DENALI.



Taking uncompromising stances in the engine specifications is not the cup of tea for the GMC team but in fact, they cater to their customers an even more state of the art specs while the question pops for the engine talks.


Engine Specs

Sporting a 6.2 VL8 engine which is enough to tow a 6000 lbs so you stay rest assured for ferrying either your trailer or your family truck.

High definition surrounds visionary experience that euphorically sets your mood for incredible long routes.

A head-up display anchored with diagonal appearance.

A riding experience which is hosting a subtle magnetic touch in it.


Passenger Capacity

Upto  8

Leg-Room Capacity


44.5, 42, 34.9

Axle Ratio


Fuel Tank Volume

24 gallons
Cruise Control Type Adaptive cruise control

Powertrain Parameters

Fuel Type Gas V8
Horsepower [email protected]
Torque RPM [email protected]
Transmission 10- speed automatic


  1. Provides an elevated driving ambience.
  2. Good resale value.
  3. Exudes a luxury vibe.
  4. Is hooked with goodies like V6 and heated seats.
  5. Responsive suspension.


  1. Poor reliability scale of rating.
  2. Peculiar 3rd row seating niche.
  3. Wretched cargo space in the base model.
  4. Less amenities in the baser model.
  5. Less receptive brakes.