If this then that, IFTTT, Productivity and Automation service 2021

If this then that, IFTTT, Productivity and Automation service 2021

If This, Then That Services, ‘IFTTT’

While automatic and electric cars sprinting ahead of time with their avant-garde technological solutions, the fuel-driven world envies the unfolding of exclusive ideas and would soon be kicked out with no funeral.

Not much ago did we come with the advancement of the service named ‘SAAS’ that jumps out as ‘Software as a Service’.

And the readers would anyhow nod to the affirmation of ‘PaaS’ and ‘IaaS’ unfolding as ‘Platform as a service’ and ‘Infrastructure as a service’ but the latest and exclusive expression of the technological affinity the techno-cars would be sharing is the ‘XAAS’.

‘XAAS’ springs out as ‘Everything as a service’ founded lately in the times of existence by Linden Tibbets, the sketcher and prime mover of ‘IFTTT’ a service that amalgamates everything in its being and spells out as ‘If This Then That.

What Exactly is 'IFTTT'?

IFTTT comes stretched out as If this then that service and the acronym instilled with a programming progression statement is an offering of the company, pouring exaltingly to the people, an array of multiple and dynamic applications, which works smartly in operating multiple of services and devices while they are called on board by the user.

Mundane errands are smartly and intelligently covered and handled by this applicable service and below streamed down are some of the applications that fall under the IFTTT

  • Smartphone notifications fall instantaneously and amazingly, provided you an international space station saucer hovering and fluttering above the area of your house, the promptings are pretty much nimble with the IFTTT and notifications work harmoniously on your commandments.
  • Major camaraderie and fellowship with your Amazon Alexa to-do list can automatically be merged with your Apple IOs interface.
  • Calling and mingling with your colleagues in the morning brunch would be falling directly as a recorded database in your google spreadsheet.


Though the service happily wafting with the triumphing success it has gained within a decade, the actual inception and vignette IFTTT gained lately with funding of swinging heftily with $24 million and nearly more than double, the amount as $63 million was raised as venture capital funding.

November 2016 is the stepping stone for the service IFTTT as in that purposeful year, the company remarkably launched an Applet feature which hosted a twin-application-working platform that got a smart take on working with 2 devices, services, and applications which in turn infused into an Applet.

Exercising And Utilising 'IFTTT'

Pooled with a frantic arrangement of great ranges and arrays of applications, the work an IFTTT goes on easing your way out while you are going as occupied with your work.

The automation world got a great upheaval with this simple and joyous application that hasn’t gone any harder and tougher to use for any of its users.

New users can dwell either on their Apple market store or the Android play store, and getting started with the automated world goes as easy as sipping a sip of cola.

While weather goes traumatic for the users or giving a quick glare to the latest news, the Applets crafted by the IFTTT works flawlessly in presenting you up with the information.

There is a dedicated section named as MyApplet which showcases and portrays the active and non-active applications.

Coming up with a new application has gone uncomplicated and effortless with the users having the power and vaunt to create a new service application based on their own need desires.


While we have our entire world brimmed with the air and fumes of technological advancement and a techno-posterior era, the idea and the emotion hooked to the belief of the world going as automatic can easily be sighted. 

The imminent world will gradually work with ‘IOT’ or Internet-of-things and other internet-induced services like ‘XAAS’ known as everything-as-as-service and with the very input of IFTTT, If this then that, the idea is to establish a nerve and a verve to bring the beads of all other distinct applications as one and the applications working under IFTTT works immensely like an easy charm played with a spell.

World With 'IFTTT'

Commandments set by the internet have all gone blazingly fast and nimble than it was prior to the world of the internet, the one where videos weren’t buffering and the gifts were bought offline.

The world with IFTTT would always be blazed with an eased out and an unmistakable environment which will help achieve the users a connect with Alexa, Google, and other Apple services and with the internet being the only butter to the stale bread of users, the world will spiral into a whole new wind of automation soon.