2020 KIA FORTE is ever-presenting its sharp attitude

2020 KIA FORTE is ever-presenting its sharp attitude

Snuggle your wings
You might levitate
Gurgle your engines
Fasten your fate


“KIA” is headquartered in Seoul and it is the second-largest automobile manufacturer with a foregoing of Hyundai motors.

Kia is engraved eternally in the hearts of Korean people but has a gradual evoking too in other countries with a recent landing it did in India wherein it is emerging as a competitor too.

The newest and an avant-garde roll out by Kia naming as FORTE  depicting its loud and noisy outlook is all set to illuminate in the market stacked up against its rivals the new FORTE is fostered to elbow out those glaring with their hawk-eyes and will gradually pour in their accolades to this lion Forte.


A subtle upheaval and gradual bolder touch this car is poured-in with that strikes your emotions and can euphorically up your game on the road and with least of painstaking scenarios.

Its maverick and exuberant styling brings out thoughtful thinking at the hands of its composers.

The forte 2020 has a roaring appeal with its rebellious and enticing outer shell which is aspired by the award-winning KIA stinger and it renders a touch of a car and a stroke of an effervescent chariot.


The lion’s roar can conquer even the heaviest rivals and with its tiger-grilles on the outer shell which calls your glancing whereas comforting to your eyes is its composite glint surface which pours in style and sleek casing of the car.

You might stand famous for your sparkling car or maybe others are accountable for their car’s seating space but once anybody comes in the fold of KIA forte then you will be widely stated as an owner of true aesthetically designed car hosting a bank of features.



Recline with style and trudge with pride much of miles with however hurly-burly it might appear outwardly but as you are cool and warmer on the inside so the rest is all yours.

Neatly patted with best-in-class intuitive features which summons your dabbing and rule your racing sessions with a daunting yet a swift accelerator that holds you levitated on the road.

Interior Appearance

  • 60/40 split seating mechanism.
  • 10-way power-adjustable seats.
  • Automatic temperature control hooked with dual-zone abilities.
  • Spacious cabin.
  • Plenty of legroom.
  • Suitable headspace.

Engine Highlights

Engine displacement 1999cc
Horsepower [email protected] rpm
Torque 132 [email protected] rpm
Fuel injection system Multi-point injection
Fuel tank capacity 53 litres


Your belongingness with this car develops your compassion towards it thus a certain fraternity is what you achieve with your 4 tyres aggressive and a ravening car.

Enclosed with a tender-touch interface and features that might want your dab-prompt attention and could let you go hooked with their functionalities

  • Power windows and locks.
  • Auto turn/off headlights.
  • Vanity mirrors with sliding touch.
  • Solar control for window glass.
  • Outside temperature gauge system.
  • Apple car-play.
  • Body colour door handles.

Trim Levels and Variants

  • Forte FE.
  • Forte LXS.
  • Forte GT-line.
  • Forte ex.
  • Forte GT.

Performance and Power

In its class and segment the forte fights with Toyota corolla and Honda civic and it also daunts them heavily on every stance and dimension and that comes from its engine which dispenses a 147 horsepower which in turn is not apt in acceleration and rendering utmost power but its a beautiful car for the mundane sessions which the forte is inclined to provide anyways.

A double-power engine can also be availed which hosts a power of 167 hp but that doesn’t certainly exude a kind of difference as you come to sprint it.

The forte comes with a 6-speed manual transmission as a standard in all the trims but there is a firm neck-slacking event the automatic version is known for.

To those seeking the fuel economy can surely dwindle the rest of the trims and can move with the automatic engine and the baser versions.

The Final Verdict

To bleed out more of fun and exploration sessions with your car then dab on with this FORTE presented by KIA that holds you accountable for all the chaos and havoc it might create for those nearing it because this car meanderingly wraps you up in its blazing and beaming appearance that surfaces up your spirits and does least of striving on the roads and a gradual lissom is gained in your car-riding quality.

Pros And Cons


  • Delivers good mileage.
  • Best-in-class driving comfort.
  • Pleasurable road-toughness.
  • Well-designed interiors.
  • Is easy on the pocket.


  • The base trim loses some performance elements.
  • Is more of rigid and lacks tenderness.
  • Is vulnerable to snowy conditions.


Q.1 Are there any summoning of KIA cars?

Ans. A certain recalling was done late back in 2012-14  of Forte and Forte coup for the braking issues.

Q.2 Is Kia owned by Hyundai?

Ans. A bankruptcy scenario occurred with KIA in 2007 gave Hyundai a reason to own some of its shares.

Q.3 Can we rely on KIA cars?

Ans. You are doubly benefitted if you own this car as you can live without any enigma.

Q.4 What’s the most top trim of KIA Forte?

Ans. The Forte GT has been on the top of the trim of the forte cars by KIA.

Q.5 Where can we see KIA getting built?

Ans. The majority of KIA cars are produced in South Korea.