2020 Land Rover Discovery details and overview

2020 Land Rover Discovery details and overview


A car is an amalgamation of ideas, put forth with a view to entice people with a sheer deliverance of transpicuous and a spectacular machine. What more is sought when you are showered with radiating technology that surprisingly fumes up emotions to traverse places and within a flick, you depart for your destination and in a blink, you reach out to it, such is the nimble attribute of the new DISCOVERY donning the insignia of a composite hub of unruffled treasure.

The unraveling appearance of the new DISCOVERY by land rover partakes some of the aspects from range rover sport and land rover. It holds a certain power and vein that prompts you to go-anywhere and accentuates a kind of performance that rules the roads while you boast your province. The engines are married with an 8-speed manual mode paddle with induced shifters. Are you contemplating to encompass different exotic places with your toddlers jumping-with-fun or you might be treading stubborn aisles in the cities? then get ready to groove your tires on the roads as you might lose a word called ‘ho-hum’.Keep reading for your emotional spur linked to this car which is all set to locate your discovery.

video credit: landroverusa.com

Styling and Interiors

The sketching might be a surreal arrangement of dimensions but jotting down a legendary art that persuades your intuition is what this DISCOVERY is all about. Penned with a loving stroke of brilliance and erected in the wake of realms of cars the all-new LAND ROVER’s premiering for DISCOVERY is none other than a perfect arrangement of a masterpiece car. It is nearly knitted as that of an interior of Land rover and shares some of the plush-interiors with that fella. The minimalistic composition has been weaved in the entry-level which doesn’t hold any feature like easy-cleaning of the upholstery which also eradicates the premium looking trim fragments too.

The predominating point is said to spur a minor hullaballoo as it is way darker and devoid-of-vibrance which you might not receive from a car costing that rocketing-high. The highlights are stroked-with-aluminum. An unaware interim feature that is lacked by this car is a satellite navigation system that doesn’t fulfill its name as DISCOVERY and as a standard, this feature could not be missed from a car wanting buckets-of-bucks to be spent on it. As you glide on higher trim levels then you get to feel in-control-touch infotainment weaved with a sat-nav mechanism that can display your entire phone on it. The ignition needs a resuscitation but once done then could bring about revelations of menus on the screen. If you run into an accident or might have accidentally thrashed into the bridge-pavement, not-to-worry, as its in-control system will make a call to 999 for you. The musical reverberation lies with your version of DISCOVERY as a basic 80-w stereo with 6 speakers is all you get with an entry-level DISCOVERY.


Performance And Power

A major promulgation of this car is its off-roading caliber. And when it has been coined as ‘discovery’ so it is surely unlocked for any terrain that daunts the rider but the car was never meant for frightened-behavior as it can trudge on rocks, sand, muddy, boggy areas, snowy plateaus.

Discovery can wade like a fish and with least of fear it can ford between a maximum of water-streams. To speak more of its four-wheel-drive, it emphatically hosts a hill-descent-control-assist which you might use while gliding down from the snobby- hills.

Engine Options

The take-your-trim option enumerates that it hosts mainly 2 dogged engines which is a turbo-charged turbo-diesel engine with 254 horsepower and 3-litre engine and the 340 horsepower 3.0-liter V-6 engine which is its base engine.

There could have been a progression of more aggressive power with the base engine as an expensive car is sold more with its base engine. The gear-slick with the engine’s duo resembles the flow of butter-in-pan as it has a soft-drive that is velvety in nature.

Engine Specifications

Fuel-tank capacity 23.5 gallon
EPA mileage estimates 16 city & 21 Highway
Base engine 3.0 litre
Base engine type V-6
Horsepower 340 horsepower
Torque 332 lb/ft
Horsepower Rpm 6500
Drive Type 4-wheel

Trim Levels

SE $52300
Landmark $58500
HSE $58700
HSE Luxury $62200

Colour Blends

  • Corris grey.
  • Yulong white.
  • Narvik black.
  • Loire blue.
  • Byron blue.
  • Santorini black.
  • Fuji white.
  • Indus silver.

Pros And Cons


  • Outstanding off-roading artistry.
  • Vast Cargo space.
  • An upgraded blind-spot monitoring.


  • Engine not par with rivals.
  • Glitchy infotainment system.
  • A lack of standard navigation system.

The Final Lap

The new DISCOVERY is a techno-descent by land rover which, after some upgrades, has put-in everything sought by the new customers of the year 2020. It doesn’t walk with the herd neither did it travel with fleets but it doesn’t suit to place this car with the rest out there.

It has a matchless off-road potential and also wears some great and remarkable artistry and with its large and spacious cabin and rear seats you could always think of your restful bed-time sleep. Until you have an off-roading penchant in your head don’t put fore the decision of bringing it home but that doesn’t stop you there but in fact, not just on down-the-road trips but on every other discovery-driven rides will be savored more but only if you roar with this while others may gore with theirs.


Q.1 What engine does it have?

Ans. It screams with a 306ps turbo-charged diesel engine whereas a new 3.0 litre V6 diesel engine produces an impressive 700 NM of torque.

Q.2 How reliable is a DISCOVERY by Land Rover?

Ans. It has a been given quite a low-rating as 2.5 by J.D Power.

Q.3 Do land rover cars last long?

Ans. If you do a regular-check-up of your car’s health then it can sprint up-to 300,000 km.

Q.4 How expensive it is to fix your DISCOVERY?

Ans. The average per year $1, 174  is somewhat you have to pay for your car’s fixes.

Q.5 Has Land Rover improved drastically?

Ans. It has become the most improved car brand than its past lineage years.