Genesis GV70 A Luxury SUV, Priced Appropriately For 2022

Genesis GV70 A Luxury SUV, Priced Appropriately For 2022

Vehicle prices are real-time anxieties to many and with a sudden subtle price-tide in the Genesis G70 wherein the prices are hiking from $42,045 to $63,545, thus the bars are rising. 

These prices are fortunately on a lesser note with the like-minded rivals of the GV70 and they are BMW X3 and the Mercedes GLC models.

Starting this summer would be the actual ‘let fall’ of the vehicle would come to reality stance and the U.S dealerships can feel the air of occupants of its fresh models.

There would a total of 7 different models of the GV70 that would be coming as an offering at the hands of the premium Hyundai Genesis extension. There are a total of 4 trims with a 2.5T configuration and the more stubbornly powerful models with the 3.5T configuration, starting at $53,645, would be setting out as offered. 

Every model of the Hyundai Genesis GV70 comes with an all-wheel drive and an eight-speed automatic transmission. The below tabular show-up shows the differential made for the GV70 in terms of availability and non-availability. 

2.5 T Base Model  Advanced Models (Dollars)
18.0 inch of wheels, heated front seats Select, 46,045
Power liftgate, automatic climate control  Advanced, 50,195
Adaptive cruise control, navigation system  Prestige Sport, 53,795

These trims feature the same 300 horsepower, 2.5 liters, turbocharged, inline, 4 engine 

There also floats a more powerful variant of the said GV70 that starts off with a somewhat of $53,645 and holds a kind of giant engine that boasts of a 375 horsepower, 3.5 liters, V6 powertrain and that can also be elevated to a higher variant of Sports Advanced trim.

The Sport Advanced trim works out with a price tag of $58,645 and there also lies a more than an ever potent offering of Hyundai Genesis GV70 and that is with the Sports Prestige Model starting with the $63,545.

Hyundai claims that the powerful vehicle would be cascading somewhere in the upcoming summer here on the streets of the U.S and the early bookings and reservations for the vehicle are being taken care of by the dedicated website of Hyundai Genesis.

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