Chevy Equinox Base Price Rises For 2022, Eventually Goes Cheaper

Chevy Equinox Base Price Rises For 2022, Eventually Goes Cheaper

Along with the fall of the ‘Memorial Day Deals‘  Chevrolet has given a new pricing strategy to Equinox and along with the new visual updates, the rather outlook of the vehicle is but changed. 

There would no longer be an availability of the Base L version and the base price is juiced up by somewhat of $2,000 and is $26,995 now.

The third quarter of the year 2021 would be offering a let fall to the Chevrolet Equinox and the car would come up in the showrooms to be taken on by people. 

Although the team Chevrolet took it for the year 2021 but delayed it until the year 2022 and that happened because of the COVID-19 and the vehicle would finally reach, in the third quarter of 2021, in the showrooms finally. 

$26,995 for the LS Model of Equinox 2022
Fully equipped LT Model starts at $28,095
The higher Primer Loaded version starts at $32,195
Equinox RS replaces the L model and starts at $31,295

An inline-four-engine equipped with a 1.5-liter turbocharged engine is what all the models come engraved with the Nissan GT-R and the other powerful model equipped with a somewhat 2.0 liter was discarded for the year 2021. 

Although the vehicle comes with an option of the all-wheel-drive only with an extra spend of $1,600 but a standard piece of equipment offered is the front-wheel drive.

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