Tesla Model S Now Comes Increased With Range 2021

Tesla Model S Now Comes Increased With Range 2021

With an average speed of 75 mph, the brand new Tesla Model S went 320 plus miles and this happens to be the first-ever electric car that broke the 300-mile barrier. 

There happens to be the same 100 kWh battery as its old predecessors and with the ‘Model S 100D’ that has given out 270 miles in the test.

Tesla made this true by investing in the efficient modification of the energy systems to the entire range of the car. Tesla has ever permeated the fastest laps and with the latest technology, it has done it more impressively and smartly.

Tesla’s Model S would be competing for the blue oval Ford’s Mustang Shelby GT500 that has a 16 gallon capacity for fuel loadings and has given 20 MPGs on the highway fuel-economy test. 

Tesla’s Model S has a 100.0 kWh battery pack
Model S predecessor had 335 miles of range
Tesla has upped the game by 67 extra miles with efficient up-gradation
Tesla has shaved and chiseled the bodyweight of the vehicle
Wheels and body dynamics are improved now
Model S Plaid version claims an extra 30 percent more miles and range
The launch is delayed until the mid half of the next year

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