Major Tesla Recalls In China For Cruise Control Issues 2021

Major Tesla Recalls In China For Cruise Control Issues 2021

Tesla is one of the companies that are more into recalling than selling the vehicles and with the recent hit of as many as 285,000 vehicles of Model Y and Model 3 here in China, the issues were linked to the cruise control problems that the cars faced. 

This major recall is taken majorly on the Model 3 models that are deemed to have recalled as many as 211,000 of the said models built in the Tesla’s Shanghai unit, moreover, it also recalled a somewhat 35,000 of Tesla Model 3s. 

Some of the Model Y crossovers of as many as 39,000 units built in China are also included in the recalling fleet. Tesla owners are said to be receiving an update, free of cost, to amend the issue, that appears to refrain to only china currently. 

Chinese regulatory units have thrown sessions of doubts over the quality of the Model 3 produced in the Shanghai unit
A protestor accused Tesla of installing malfunctioned and defective brakes
Only 11,671 cars are only sold in China, receiving a decline of 35,478 in March
EV sales in China have always floated up the roof, with as many as 177 over the last year

The following recall doesn’t seem to bother the sales in the U.S market even though as many as 35,665 affected Model 3s were sent to China.

The story for Tesla here on the roads of China seems to go a bit tangy and the American market is sailing quite an at ease currently, we’ll surely hit it up when something moves on the U.S market Of Tesla, till then check out these dealers dealing with Electric Vehicles.