The Road-Raver Lexus CT- 200h review

The Road-Raver Lexus CT- 200h review


The Lexus adorns a lineage of championing cars which are better known for their triumphing attitude. Precocious engineering permeates a subtle seamless throttle that is nimble and velvety in striking-the-roads. Arrive and fudge peacefully, as mostly, Lexus is known for its comforting and quiet engine sound that gurgles and breathes at a nuanced pace.

If your pursuit and reach-outs are for a fuel-friendly car then LEXUS CT-200H is all you would want. It more likely par-takes that same power-train technology which the Toyota Prius is installed with. Placed amidst the auto-car-world there are cars that gulp and inject fuel as if they are fuel-thirsty but in CT-200h it works on a kind of fuel-technology that it can run for hours with just sniffling the fuel, Lexus quipped.


The Lexus 200 CT-200h could be thought of a formulaic arrangement which, in the wake of, Prius’s realm it was pondered that the CT 200h ought to have designed for an unoriginal 5-door hatchback car but it rather came out as a more aerodynamically prolific profile.

The modern-day Lexus is synchronizing well with the era and comforts our eyes with its glinting appearance but it accentuates to attract more of the youth.


The subdued noise of the Lexus CT 200h doesn’t gurgle your ears and hearing ability and unlike the Toyota cars which are quietly hushed at lower speeds, the Lexus is softer and lies less in the uproar context. When you seek more throttle and power, the Lexus certainly boils up heavily to the peak with its screaming ability. The hybrid power-train doesn’t roar with a dogged-power but it boasts of reaching 0-62 km/h in a matter of 10.2 seconds.

Upon dabbing the sports mode, it dangles you more power and with a boost of its electric motor, it springs out a sharper responsive frame. Cars made for performance usually have a redolent exhaust arrangement but in the LEXUS they have confined the gurgler and unless you peek into its bottom you would never know it had one. 17-inch alloy wheels are as standard and those wanting an extra sidewall can surely get in their car whereas an extra tweak set is given, bumpers, grille, and alloy-wheels with gun-metal color is what you get in F-Sport.

Interior And Handling

If there exists any room for some alterations then one for the cabin can add more spice to its extravagance. And sticking to the price it has a nuance impressive tout build. Adorns haptic and a sensational leather composition with the brilliantly adjusted finishing touch. The euphoric frame of Lexus doesn’t refrain and although its sat-nav screen sets your avenue for the musical reverberations.

Communing over its handling is a questionable remark on its chassis, bodily-frame, and composure. You might be exalted by its new chassis built but it doesn’t comply with the roads of the UK as the chassis is not finely tuned for the roads. The F Sport model adds more devastation to its road-presence as it doesn’t give you lissome driving pleasure.

Features And Safety

  • Front Mac-Phearson suspension
  • Rear double wishbone design
  • Four-driving-modes sport, normal, eco, EV.
  • Sun/Moonroof
  • Adjustable steering wheel
  • Heated front seats
  • Cruise control
  • Power windows
  • Tire pressure monitor
  • Passenger and Driver vanity mirror
  • Power door locks

Engine Specs

Horsepower 134 @5200
Engine type Gas electric 1/4
Transmission CVT
Setating 5
Displacement 1.8 litre
Drive-train Front-wheel drive
Model detail FWD 4dr-hybrid

Pros And Cons


  • Neat and refined interiors
  •  Low on emissions
  • A realiable car


  • CVT engine leans on the uproar context
  • Batteries are placed under the rear seat boot space
  • Ride quality not at par with rivals

The Final Verdict

This Lexus accentuates to bail-out its rivals BMW series 1 and Audi A3 but it also to some extent chomps the image of the Toyota Prius as those nearing it for an overall upgrade and a luxury package can go for this.

There ain’t any inclusion of petrol and cv-t model but it solely hosts a 1.8-liter engine which has been mated with an electric motor to help equip the car slurp less of fuel. Although it might appear more loyal and faithful with its neat and cute build that doesn’t pose any power to the driver and since any car which lacks the petrol, diesel and hybrid versions then it surely can’t sprint at par with them, moreover, the CV-T can’t host much of the load and tramples with the extra volume of onus.


Q.1 Is the LEXUS CT-200H still on roads?

Ans. The 2017 model was the last of Lexus ct 200h and is discontinued in the USA but its hybrid version still performs on the roads.

Q.2 Is LEXUS CT-200H a reliable car?

Ans. This miniature car has a decent appearance and a car which will last for years, great fuel economy, good road-presence.

Q.3 What about the affordability and expensiveness?

Ans. The first service can be availed at home but since it is a luxury build so can unfold more of your pockets.

Q.4 Does the battery last for longer?

Ans. The battery has been promulgated to last for 100,000 miles and might reach to 200,000 miles with least of blighter attitude.

Q.5 Can we drive a hybrid version without the battery?

Ans. The hybrid version works only on battery and any hybrid car coming in touch with fuel can hamper its machinery.