2020 Maserati Levante details and revelations

2020 Maserati Levante details and revelations

The surge is on
Battle the roads
Tackle the alleys
Fire you boast


It might not have been rated as the windiest in its throttle or the acceleration but it stands as a sonorous beast amongst its rivals. It can either be brought in a twin-turbo V-6 attire or a screaming twin-turbo V-8 version. The Levante, in its iron hood, has been remarkably crawled out of the herd and has got an Italian pat-on-its-back.

Residing from the suits of MASERATI, this car has become the most demanded luxury brand of all time. The avant-garde quality of the Levante might be tempting but its usability tends to be low though and, on the other side of the bread is the truth of its rivals offering more cargo volume, good fuel economy, and more refined standard features. Sharing pockets with the Ferrari-drive-train, this LEVANTE is one of its kind to offer a leather and silk interior.

Performance, Engine and Transmission

The engine screaming under its hood dissipates a certain twin-turbocharged V-6 routing that thrusts 345 of horsepower and that’s not an idle talk,  but a 425 of all-wheel-rolling-power is refined too, put you up, with a rocketing speed that enthralls the leftover behind. An 8-speed automatic is what settles the breather of the driver and in a drill of LEVANTE-S, it was discovered that it barely took seconds to move that needle to 60 km and in fact, in a fraction of 5.1 seconds it ruled out its promulgation.

The other two cousins GTS and Trofeo arrive at a massive power of twin-turbo V-8 with an exalting power of 550 and 590 horsepower. Trofeo took 3.8 seconds rippling flames behind but GTS nailed that in a total of 3.6 seconds. The adaptive nature of shockers is pretty laudable. The plush comfort stances are pretty noticeable though they aren’t sinuous completely.


Comfort, Cargo And Interior

The initial eyeing certainly gets you overwhelmed with the kind of richness it cutely holds inside. Wood trim and an awake-pore, leathery-soaked dashboard, accentuated chrome finishing and a conventional Maserati clock these all the tit-bits give LEVANTE a flirtatious look that plays a big-time satirical slap on its contenders.

Posing a nearer look to this glossy stout reveals parts that this LEVANTE shares with other brands like Chrysler from FIAT, the window-buttons, the ignition switches are engraved identically to that of JEEP Cherokee which is a gloomy talk. The controls of MASERATI LEVANTE are totally in new attire and that turns out to be an elevation MASERATI has done over the years. The driving seat is a perfect pit adjusted for seamless driving experience and which also offers plush seating to the driver too. The cargo area offers a solemn offering of the more-than-sufficient volume of space which can fit-in 8 sonorous suit-cases behind the rear seat and 19 with seats molded-down.


Infotainment and Docudrama

A resplendently rendered 8.4 inch of glint-screen that has been brilliantly stroked with a techno-pat delivering an intuitive and alacritous experience. Don’t procrastinate in showering flamboyance with its infotainment cluster which is the best-in-business-class. Major functioning of the controls like climate control and vehicle controls are tackled right from the screen knobs situated in the central console.

The real-time-traffic information can be gathered from its travel info whereas the navigation system is standard. A pool of USB ports has been incorporated to accommodate the charging woes of the potential passengers. The android auto-play and apple car-play are as standard.


Engine Specifications

Engine type Gas
Transmission 8-speed shiftable automatic
Drive type All-wheel drive
Total seating 5
Fuel tank volume 21.1 gallon
Fuel Type Premium unleaded

Pricing Options Available

Base $ 74,485
GranLusso $80,485
GranSport $80,485
S $85,485
GTS $122,475
Trofeo $172,995


The decisive point is that it requires an additional $10000 but the “S” variant is what we would opt for as it sparks a more powerful turbo-charged twin engine.

The “S” variant also exudes an astonishing setup, an interior enwrapped with leather strokes offering a feather-touch host and a bank of controls mounted on the steering.

Fuel Economy And MPG

No, it is not fond of slurping fuel, and neither it has been documented elsewhere that it gulps gallons of fuel on the way, and in fact, it’s EPA mileage estimates for V-6 models was somewhat nearing to its V-8 version. In the realm of real-world-testing, the V-6 showed a staggering performance on the highway trailing and the V-8 performed rather over-the-top than that of its rivals.

Pros And Cons


  • Showcasing Italian attire.
  • Ferrari-derived engine displacement.
  • Legion of customisation options.
  • Feather-touch gearbox.


  • An Overpriced machine.
  • Below-average cargo spacing.
  • A slight degrading in the parts used.


Q.1 Can we rely on Maserati Levante?

Ans. It is bolstered with powerful engines that have sinuous handling and portrays a good relying factor to its users.

Q.2 Is Levante a 7 seater car?

Ans. The cargo spacing is supple but there ain’t any space for an extra two- over five passengers.

Q.3 Is it worth naming Maserati as luxury cars?

Ans. It is an Italian car manufacturer accentuating in extremist luxury auto-offerings. Maserati cars have always fallen into the bracket of transportation luxury.

Q.4 How costly is it to maintain a Maserati?

Ans. Those hoping to drive it daily must possess some extra dollars.