Mazda Takata Airbag Recall And Inflator Issues 2021

Mazda Takata Airbag Recall And Inflator Issues 2021

There happened to be an image of ‘Mazda’ when the cars were rolling without any potential defect or even a minor piece of fault but lately, the car company signed a defect notification with the team ‘NHTSA’ better known as ‘National Highway Traffic Safety Administration.

The phases of the defect are sighted majorly on the B Series MY 2007-2009, this is the same series that happens to share a close relationship with the PSDI-5D Takata airbags.

In an event wherein the airbag inflators are supposed to inflate the airbags-up with the deployment of air in it, the rather stream of sharp metal pieces are likely to flow through the airbags which might hit and inflict some sort of serious damage to the driver driving the car, surprisingly the driver won’t be saved but rather be killed by the bump of the airbags.

The driver frontal airbags laced with the inflators are mounted with original equipment in the B Series My 2007-2009 and Takata Holding Incorporations have said that the defect is highly looked like an issue with the motor vehicle security and safety. 

There is whole practicality dealing with the airbag inflators of the ‘Mazda’ vehicle, and it is also said that the inflator degradation of the airbag can occur due to the elongated high-humidity-exposure and majorly the cycling of the temperature. 

As many as 5,844 vehicles, B Series MY 2007-2009, manufactured at Twin Cities Ford’s Plant are found as affected
There is not even a single case of heavy injury as of now
Prompting mails would be dropped to affected owners
Mazda faced severe grunt caused by this impact
Owners would now be heading back to Mazda