Mercedes AMG SL Winter Development Driving Phase 2021

Mercedes AMG SL Winter Development Driving Phase 2021

The super-light sports model of ‘Mercedes’ named as ‘SL’ would be, for the first time, be traveling on the roads this following week. 

Dated late back on 12 March 1952 which was then named and known as ‘Daimler Benz AG, it was more than a sensational automotive commotion held by ‘Mercedes’ the marvelous real looking original sports car named 300 SL.

Talking almost after a hiatus of 70 years the team ‘Mercedes SL’ will be the eighth generation of ‘Daimler’ that will be added in and underneath the ‘Merce’s Roof’. 

A81 Autobahn was the place where most of the ‘Merce’s Testing’ was done and which also took into account the on-road trails of the ‘Mercedes Benz 300 SL’. But testing phases of the ‘Now’ version of ‘Daimler Vehicles’ is done more on the Snowy Alleys of the ‘Sweden’.

These are some of the new ‘Tech-Geeky-Pieces-Of-Upheaval’ done to the Mercedes AMG SL, go glare your ‘Dream Machine’ and see closely in the image provided that how changed and authentic it has become.

Digital form and appeal of 2+2 rugged roadster look
Analog driving development stays intact
Full roaster of variable 4MATIC AWD system for icy areas
Restructured soft top for arctic areas
Handling dynamics to fit at par with the Nurburgring
Majestic level of seating qualities
The exclusivity of new spirits of perfection
Altering the car after a hiatus of 70 years