Mercedes GLC has new fumes of enhancements for 2021

Mercedes GLC has new fumes of enhancements for 2021


The town of luxury cars ever-surfeits with the shiny and glinty cars but what really adds the real charm is the team Mercedes, the name itself sets you enticed and bumped, isn’t it.

The 2 engines offered by Mercedes are high-powered ones that come down from its AMG subdivision but the major one is more darted towards the styling, refinement, and appeal. The GLC-class coupe is for those who are more into enchanting themselves and others with a sloping back layout.

The roaring power of the engine comes from its turbocharged 4 cylinder engine. Bring it home with a plug-in-hybrid platform that doesn’t roam around much on fuel pumps like those others out there. There is no real-fun-to-drive thing 255 with the GLC but it does make you feel the king of the road.

What’s New For The Year 2021?

For the year 2021, the square backed Mercedes gets augmented functions hooked to it. Some intuitive features like rear cross-traffic alert, a passive-hands-free, and a self-parking assist function are now made available in every model.

A 360-degree functioning camera and an Automatic high-beam aren’t amalgamated in any package but are added, but separately.

What’s New In The Engine For 2021?

The standard rock-hearted powertrain which is married to a 9-speed automatic mechanism procures a somewhat of 255 horsepower and that is the talk of GLC300.

The 4Matic which also comes down as all-wheel-drive is kept as optional. The Rear-wheel-drive is set to default. The GLC 350e is a plug-in hybrid substitute that confronts the PHEVs of Volvo and BMW. 

The driving stance of the standard GLC doesn’t replicate much of power and fun like the Porsche, BMW, or Volvo, but it does make you emerge in a real-time sporty feel and appeal. The stride and pace of 4Matic touched the finish lines in mere 5.4 seconds which only a bimmer can do.

The Price Tag Emblazoned

While you shuffle your bucks and revisit your vaults, the astonishing price set for the Mercedes GLC, the beginning ones, is set at a scale of $43, 200.

And it might bump to $59, 900 for above sporty trims, and might also raise your eyes as it shifts sky-high for the high-performance models which are $73, 900.