Most sought-after cars of America: Cascading of best cars is on surge

Most sought-after cars of America: Cascading of best cars is on surge

Cars In America

The auto-town or let’s say the car market of the UK seems to have taken a full summersault again and the surge of car-buyers have now stepped again with their family strolls to the car showrooms and that comes with another massive push post the corona pandemic and it has also been palpated that the American car buyers were managing their big-time cravings to pat on some new engines and which is why the sudden whim and surging dispositions have brought them back to the “garaging” thing.

Hybrids, plug-in cars, and electric cars have all seen a magnanimous push-of-sales and that too on an extra verge than that of August 2019. The term benefit-in-kind is fueling up by some genuine company car drivers which have brought about this semantic change in the sales of electric cars this year.

Below is a cascading of some most sought-after selling cars of 2020:

  • Ford Focus
  • Mercedes A-Class
  • Vauxhall Corsa
  • Volkswagen Golf
  • KIA Niro

Ford Focus


Fording has always been fun and the power of Ford is always unmatched by many car companies. Ford has always felt an inclination to pat-down its Ford Focus with an extravagant touch which it showed in its fourth generation Focus.

That primarily was done to kick-off the buyers of the BMW 1 series and to get the customers fascinated with the beauty of Ford Focus. It somehow managed to flourish in the initiative and the latest Ford

Focus is more aggressive and road-tied than before and not just that but it appears more eloquent than before. The interiors are so pristinely done up that not many of its rivals can stay at-par but it strikes heavily with the Vauxhall Astra and Volkswagen Golf when it comes to the driving dynamics of the car.


  • Bold looks
  • Agile driving dynamics
  • Road toughness
  • Eloquent appearance


  • Disappointing after-sales record handling
  • Lack in engine performance

Mercedes A-Class


The BMW 1 series Audi A3 were taken as the top-most rivals initially when Mercedes A-class was re-structured and it also has lived up to its dream of having its A class as a road-flair-luxury. And the latest uplift of the A-class has got a skewed look which blatantly stirs up dust in the racing grounds.

A stroke of power and a pat of strength is laid in the freshest version of A-class and it, on a , subtle note has got something more glimmering and stifling than before though the inside cabin has a tempting look too. The Mercedes Benz User Experience can resplendently pull those stuck with mental grief because the musical quotient in the A-class has remarkably improved than before and not just that but the giant shiny screen of A-class can seamlessly showcase high-quality content like the one experienced by the E-Class users.

Pros and Cons


  • Luxury appearance
  • Extravagant interiors
  • Impressive tout build
  • Glimmering feel


  • Disgusting rear seat spacing
  • Poorly engineered entry level petrol engine
  • Less sporty than rivals

Ford Fiesta

ford logo2

Ford has always been a penchant for American-car-buyers for the last 40 years and it has also been a fantastic choice for much of the fleet of buyers, be it first-time-garagers, or experienced drivers. It not only delivers a practical-driving-quotient but also lends the driver an economical savage on their pocket which makes it a pocket-friendly-choice. A host of trim options to choose from, engine variants, and optional fittings makes this car a customizable thing to the garage and which also reveals its spectacular aspect. The freshest model of Ford Fiesta is packed with a decent interior and which can be palpated and expected from an upper luxury segment.

It’s more augmented and spacious than before and calls for your stare on it. It again features a fantastic deportment of 1.0 Litre of jolly-driving-engine The latest of all is its variant Vignale but then there is two other faux variant which turns out to be an SUV and the last one is the ST hatchback which serves the game of a premium hatchback by Ford.

Pros and Cons


  • Good driving dynamics
  • Improvised interiors
  • Pocket-friendly-car


  •  Doubtful reliability factor
  • After-sales mechanism not at par
  • Expensive higher trims

Volkswagen Golf


To have a look at Volkswagen cars on the American roads is not a new color on the car-landscapes but the success stories of Volkswagen golf cars have a terrific punch and hit on many of its rivalries.

It’s not just in the rankings that they boast of their success but they surely put that into its making and fabrication too to lend the “people” the perfect and an outstanding car which then turns out to be as a ‘people’s car’ The GTE plug-in hybrid is still in the make-up sessions and will soon be rolling tires on the American roads but its petrol and diesel engines are on a full-fledged surge of being bought by people and that comes from its quick and nimble engines that have picked-on people’s interests and to lend them a throttle of power the Volkswagen has uplifted the Golf on every stance.

The promulgation of Golf has been made out for its peaceful interiors and ample spacing that it can settle four-heavy-adults in its auto-soul and what more can we expect from a hatchback though. But the new upgrade of the Golf hasn’t seen any major changes which were expected by people.

Pros and Cons


  •  A drive of flair
  • Confident handling
  • Good driving dynamics
  • Technological improvements


  • Orthodox build and styling quotient
  • Tiny boot spacing
  • Awkward steering in mode-driven-rides

KIA Niro


Are you having an abundance of electricity and would like to own a car worth spending electricity on then for your amazement the KIA Niro is available in fully-electric, hybrid, and plug-in models, and to sneak out quietly, with least of noise and squeaks, you gotta lay your glint on this Niro, as it is sharply built to sprint for long distances. It adorns partly the attire of an SUV and has partaken a build of a hatchback so it certainly swings between to be called a compact SUV or an electric hatchback.

The interior casing is pretty much adorning a simple and quieter look and doesn’t pose a premium stark but if you wish to step into the shoes of garaging an EV or a hybrid then have yourself cushioned into its being.

The build of Niro by Kia is repelling a somewhat practical aspect that perfectly rivals-up the Toyota Prius but the Prius is more practically managed in caressing a more authentic touch to the drivers. The diesel engines are perfectly rolling out an MPG of 60 and it also saves your extra money from being burnt as with a Niro you can drive off with low-driving-costs.

Pros and Cons


  • Low emission driving
  • Loaded with features
  • Prancing built


  • Is stiff in driving
  • High pricing
  • Lacks road-tackling-quotient

The Final Lap

The surge is on and so are the cars and until one is not settled on the context of a worth-buying-quotient the search goes on and on. Car buying scenarios here in America have taken a major summer-sault post the pandemic times and more is the longing in the Americans to palpate for the new uplifts and new car-arrivals.

Whether it is hybrid, plug-in, or an EV, all have their own subtle nuanced talk that they bring out their own driving quotient being lent to the driver. The most sought-after cars are included here and have been cascaded accordingly with their driving dynamics and the driving attitude. So stop by this section to get a pool of insight for the cars rolling, heavily, in America.