Proudly owned famous car brands in the USA

Proudly owned famous car brands in the USA

Cars in hearts
Circles our souls
Different companies
Subtle roles

What makes a brand so popular?

The countries operating far away overseas do have a certain subtle living and totally distinct behavior. Under different skins lies a legion of emotions, preferences, and thought-processes. One country might be verbalized for its trucks others maybe for its trains but that doesn’t mean that the bread is the same everywhere. While we talk-cars we talk off different car-skins, their different rims, and people-with-whims. Cars are not new to us but the companies do appear to us as new but then, there are those which are rolling tires for ages and decades and which in turn become a family to the generation.

Parents to us are an epitome of utmost respect because we are intertwined with them and when such a car company which had been gushing from a past number of years then it suitably transforms into a likable thing to the people and eventually it’s no less than patriotism to own that very family-company-car. So it’s then a car company comes under the limelight and becomes famous and most talked-about.

Poured down are some proud American car companies


To dodge is ‘to tackle’ and ‘to behave’ stealthily and this company has managed to execute that very well. Prior to its very first automobile manufacturing, it had its hands in supplying auto parts in the year 1900 and then winning the accolades of the famous car brand in the USA it has developed a raft of vehicles which it has dispersed since last century.

Not in just one vehicular criterion but DODGE has successfully managed to make-up to the curation of the best SUVs of all the time.



Cadillac is not just a mere imaginary word but it certainly explains that it is in itself “a perfect epitome of its own extravagant luxury”. Cadillac was once lost trudging on the lanes of car companies but it doggedly managed to emerge back leveling at par with other brands. The avant-garde cars like ESCALADE, CT6, CT5 are the ones that have given the CADILLAC the insignia of dominance back.

The hard times of CADILLAC have proven that CADILLAC was not just a gold standard of American marque but it holds all the fuel-to-prove-that.



A mere tire-roll of FORD holds the fiery definition of power and perseverance and “Henry Ford” in the year 1903 started off this powerful automotive company which back then was faintly-liked by the Americans but as it paced with confidence it has now managed to prance even smarter and stronger than it was in its initial years.

Even today the curvy-logo-named-Ford has topped the listings of America’s best automotive car companies. Renowned models like MUSTANG, Explorer, Fusion, F-150 are those prancing models that have managed to combat many of its rivals for a very long time.



The electric-tech-giant company rolled out by its father ELON MUSK has literally sparkled wonders for this world polluted with the emissions of the fuel.

The talk of electric cars is a fresh-breather thing for the American world but it has got engraved in their hearts too. In a matter of 17 years, the electrification of cars has not only captivated the country but it has also prompted them to converge to a world of cars-sipping-current. Whilst you saunter to many countries the most seen models of TESLA are the Model X and Model S and these have appeared more like any other car rolling on the roads.



It flamed up from the residues of the World war 2 and since then JEEP has trudged yet managed to survive through the toughest of American times and its most upfront cars like Cherokee, Wrangler, The Grand Cherokee were the ones which are the main ships of the harbor and the voyage done by Jeep so far has been tremendously amazing.

The cars above mentioned are those samurais who have been into the game of off-roading and dirt-mowing and yet they all are tout in their build but have a simplistic yet a gushing outlook. No matter what but the Americans would be choosing Jeep on every other day for their tours to stubborn alleys or the wading in the streams.