The American Roads High On Fatalities, NHTSA 2022

The American Roads High On Fatalities, NHTSA 2022

Although the on-road fatalities and injuries have taken on a higher toll on the American roads it took a more severe and serious turn post the Pandemic and the fall of the Covid virus and people on the American roads have started misbehaving. 

Nearly 1.26 per 100 million people have traveled these certain miles and the number of fatalities per month has taken a rise and it has drastically taken on with a bump of 1.20 per year as said by the team NHTSA, National Highway Traffic Safety. 

To unwrap the safety measures to the people driving on the American roads is something that they are already aware of but lending them with a more strict rule and on-road mannerism is what NHTSA is planning to aid with. 

Nearly 8,730 have died within the early 3 months of 2021
7,900 of overall fatalities in the year 2020
Vehicle mile travel rose to 1.26 fatalities in 2021
Steven Cliff, NHTSA administrator spoke with a concern about the road presence of the American people
These early estimates are shocking and devastating for NHTSA

NHTSA has some serious plans to eradicate these fatalities and injuries at least from the roads of the USA and is highly concerned with the discerning protocol it might take into account.