Majority of EV registrations in 2020 were of Tesla

Majority of EV registrations in 2020 were of Tesla

Out of the pool, the one where the only fluid is that of Tesla, and Tesla supposedly being the top rock giant in the electric world of cars, a world where copycats are anyhow nearing the concepts of the well-established world, Tesla was shining and glowing in the latest reports.

The reports brought about with the fire set out by the Team Tesla, it was said that Tesla has bagged a whole lot of registrations, being the topmost plant of the greener world, mounted on the apex market conditions, Tesla holds as much as 80% of new ‘Electric Vehicle’ registrations, it’s not an over-sweetened talk caught under the wrapper of exaggeration.

The numeric bar mounted with the glue of something as mammoth as Tesla has left out only a handful of the remaining thing, and as much as 20 percent of the other legacy automakers have now gone clasping to rework their goodwill which has, as always, be in the name of Tesla, these creepers still dream of being the toughest confronting the ‘already strong industry.

The surprising sterling of numbers were these, take a look

2,00,691 Americans registered Tesla in 2020
A sudden rise just after the year 2019
Tesla Model 3 stood first with 95,135 bookings
Followed with Model Y 71,344