TESLA MODEL 3 Electric Car 2020: Blaze and waft with current

TESLA MODEL 3 Electric Car 2020: Blaze and waft with current

Arrive and halt with power
Rejoice the electric world
Slurp-in the current
Stay complacent


Ever wondered what’s so electric and fiery in Elon Musk’s creation naming TESLA, well it depicts the transformational nature of the automobile firm which brings out a blend of good aesthetics, innovations and zero-emission posterior for the world.

Ever since the air-pollutants like fuel, factory emissions and many other environment degraders elsewhere were found demeaning to the nature then it was thought of establishing an environment devoid of pollution and the electric giant TESLA hopped forth with its revolutionary innovation of pushing electric cars in the market.

There’s much more cognisance associated with the electric-hulk TESLA which sort of emphasises mainly on cars that are induced with the calibre of running of on electricity and this car with the name MODEL 3 presented by TESLA is even more gigantic in its features, road-toughness, long-hours sprinting and much more unfolding that we are left with so keep reading this section calmly to get some light on all connected to the MODEL 3 hosted by TESLA.


Sharing minor resemblances from the MODEL  S the new model 3 is a little smaller, sharper and a bit more modern and is more lowered to the ground with no-mouth in the front, yes won’t find any grills on the upfront but in totality this car is super modern and smarter in all its sensory stances and is a perfect fit for those planning to bring home a economical, suitable and an endearing car resting in their garage sipping current.

While you glint on its idea and technically sound nature ,the most emphatic question that springs out is about its neat-and-clean built structure that sort of appears like that of a hand-made one but that should not be with this electrically-lit quirky car which sets its space even while it is resting on road.

The MODEL 3 puts forth a certain rivalry for other tech-car giants and its artsy-craftsy built and design is surely a disembarking scenario for the cars which aren’t good in aligning with this little charged ravishing machine which is all set to jeopardize its contenders.

Trim Levels

  • Standard range plus.
  • Long-range.
  • Performance level.

Colour Harmony

  • Deep blue metallic.
  • Midnight silver metallic.
  • Pearl white multi coat.
  • Red multi coat.
  • Solid black.

Safety Orientation Features

  • Emergence braking system
  • Lane changing warning
  • Adaptable cruise control


You might be descended in an awestruck as you glide in its interiors that pour upon a subtle bliss to your soul and this car is dabbed with the interiors which will get you frantically crazy with the vibing seating space it provides to those leaning on the thought of owning it.

With the model S being a slight expensive car than this model 3 but this model 3 is nowhere less in any parameters and dimensions and the perseverance it renders to the drivers.

The inner reach-outs of the car, the steering mount, the buttons are holding a  subtle bumpy feeling like in any other TESLA cars.

Talking of the dashboard, door-bins and the essential buttons that calls for your dabbing appears that they are pretty much tough but yet are little less solid as the ones we find in other cars like Mercedes, BMWs and etcetra.


With sleek and pompous touch surface dropped by factory-people and with a sturdy outlook on the outside with a realistic carbon fibre rear spoiler that generates a serene attitude to the viewers and this car has something in it which, on every extent,  can get you glued and hooked with its amazingly built style so keep on reading for your guesses and speculations.

Action Enticers

  • Soft and synthetic material.
  • A massive sized infotainment system with voice commands.
  • Heated seats for people.
  • 14-speakers musical system.
  • Power- adjustable seats with 12 way composition.
  • Leather free interiors.


It doesn’t matter that if you are a novice to TESLA or an existing owner but one thing for sure is your exploration of the car in all of its dimensions and with not just the interior section but outwardly too it is so subtle and rejoicing to walk around your MODEL 3 that it comforts and exudes a radiating image of the car.

Derive more of love and happiness as you become drenched in the outer beauty that brings you a thought of a car more worthy then it is really which infact is a heartily outpouring done at the hands of TESLA giant.

Thought Enticers

  • A sporty upgrading session is done on the outer shell.
  • Carbon fibre risk spoiler.
  • 20-inch alloy wheel.
  • Massive break-shoes.
  • Bolted to the ground appearance.
  • Glossy frontier.
  • Glint and shiny outer surface.

Power And Performance

Unadulterated and unmatched dogged power is what this car is engraved with that releases, even on batteries, a certain power mechanism that you might haven’t viewed in a fuel driven car.

Since this automotive innovation is somehow sprinting on batteries so we do have a full-fledged arrangement of a kind of system which brings forth its specifications on the radar(infotainment zone)  which could be accessed and controlled at any point whilst you stay idle for hours or you may be driving for hours so below are some engine specs that might be intriguing at first but will settle your breath for good.


Acceleration (0 to 100) 5.9 seconds
Top Speed 210 km
Electric range 265 km
Drive Rear
Torque 350 nm

Battery And Charging

Battery capacity 50.0kwh
Battery usable 40.0kwh
Battery charge speed 62 km/h
Charge time(0 to 265km) 4h and 30 minutes

Energy Consumption

Vehicle consumption 151 Wh/km
CO2 emissions 0 % emissions
Vehicle fuel equivalent 1.7/100 km

The Final Verdict

It becomes such a petty task to dab on to the final conclusion session-oriented with good revelations of the car specification and which is why unfolding the verdict becomes a pretty much emphatic part for the customers.

A quick sneak-preview  for the TESLA MODEL 3 unfolds those  perplexed speculation just like these ones

is it worth:

  • Sprinting on batteries
  • Driving a machine just with electricity
  • Spending hours at the power station for the next charge
  • Feeling deserted with no power at hand


And the answers hooked with a solace for the environment are

It is perfectly  good to;

  • Have no emissions at all
  • Have no thoughts of picking between diesel and petrol.
  • Drive a car devoid of fuel with more power than ever.
  • Drive a car that can be set to auto-pilot for hours.

Pros And Cons


  • Inexpensive and low-priced.
  • Strong and tenacious build quality.
  • Environment buddy.
  • Swift and quick acceleration.
  • Monolithic infotainment system.
  • Full-fledged voice recognition.
  • At & t upgrading system for the TESLA software.


  • Non-traditional door handles.
  • Buggy Software system.
  • Peculiar exiting system.
  • Air-suspension missing.
  • Trick interface for the novices.


Q.1 Is it a good family car?

Ans. Yes it is a good and a premium-looking electric car.

Q.2 Can we rely on TESLA cars?

Ans. The reliance on TESLA cars could be done blind-foldly.

Q.3 What is the most rejoicing thing about driving TESLA cars?

Ans. Beautiful acceleration composition along with high-end performance is what the TESLA is widely known for.

Q.4 What is the maintenance regimen system for the TESLA?

Ans. It has been verbalized by the company that you can save up to 10000 dollars on its maintenance cost.

Q.5 How good is a battery-driven car?

Ans. The world is shifting to a whole new emission-free era so locking your answers on electric cars might be a salvage for you.