Tesla Model Y received 5 star security rating in 2021

Tesla Model Y received 5 star security rating in 2021

NHTSA And Tesla's Model Y

The occupant safety of the ‘Tesla’ cars have ever been into examination by the team examining it and since the initial launch of the Model S’ in 2012 and the ‘Model Y’ earns the latest of all admiration for receiving the ‘five-star rating’ from the team NHTSA.

Better known as split, National Highway Traffic Safety Administration, the team NHTSA operated every level of prolific test for the equipment of the ‘Model Y’ and then accoladed the car for the same level of rating for every fit part of the car.

The Safer Side Of Model Y

The fundamental kindred of the models ‘3’ and ‘Y’ by  Tesla are somewhat based on the same platform and the like-minded and same brained thing goes about the same security standard for the car

To come to generalize regarding the cabin spacing as an SUV the rather hard-bounded built and the fortified built of the car goes even more connected than the built of the ‘Model 3’.

World’s largest casting now goes as included in ‘Model Y’, the further intrusion and obstruction in the cargo as more protected and painstakingly high.

Profile Of Roll-Over Risk

The injury occurring during an accident is even more intensified with the rollover of the car and to better test the wit and gut of the ‘Model Y’ the car is placed on an elevated platform.

The platform is suspending and leaving the car to roll in all directions and the moments of inertia and gravitational force is then calculated and it was found that the car falls with a 7.9% of rollover risk which is the least and faintest of all the other cars ever been into the state of examination of this sort.

Security Profile Of Tesla Cars

Safety rests at the very center of the car production of ‘Tesla’ and every make of the ‘Tesla’ car comes with a surprising set of features, some have fallen below to enchant you, see what these features are.

  • Lane departure warning
  • Emergency braking 
  • Advanced crash-avoidance
  • Forward collision warning
  • Pedestrian centered features
  • The automated emergency braking system


It has been concretely felt by many of the customers and is a world-known truth the cars being draped with the security features by the ‘Team Tesla’ haven’t just spoken but rather lived up to the security standards profile for the company as a whole.

And it is firmly believed that the ‘Model Y’ will live up to the best possible expectations as that of the best security car of all time.