Model 3, Y Recalled By Tesla For Loose Brake Bolts 2021

Model 3, Y Recalled By Tesla For Loose Brake Bolts 2021

Recalling continues until the company is worry-free of the vehicles that it has produced have gone problem-free and with Tesla recalling nearly 5974 Model Y and Model 3 crossovers for their loose caliper bolts of the brake that have gone wrongly linked to the wheels and could probably interfere with the running.

Tesla has plans to recall nearly under 6000 of Model 3 as a report submitted by the team NHTSA or call it the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration.

According to the NHTSA, the rather loose positioning of the caliper bolts can anyhow come in contact with the wheels of the vehicle that could double the risk of low tire pressure and can eventually lead to problematic tire spinning. 

Reports generated by NHTSA and Tesla have shown that the wheels could loosely pop up some screeching sounds coming out of the caliper bolts and the owners might also be hearing the sounds that are hard for the ears but there are no reports of any severe injuries happened by these issues. 

2019-2021 Model 3, 2020-2021 Model Y, are recalled 
Tesla hasn’t made any word over the notifying it will make to the owners 
Tesla would tighten or would also replace the bolts free of cost
Tesla owners can log on to the NHTSA website for any required update