News Of Lotus Going Electric: Profound Revelations

News Of Lotus Going Electric: Profound Revelations

Drenched with confusion or bogged with fear, was the Lotus team somewhat intimidated with a loss of steer,  a flair it had in its previous years, well absolutely not though. Evija was one of its cars which anchored on the very verge of a new roll out but exceptions are always floating around and Lotus has been palpated as snailing and trudging with its new line-ups and it has also stood afoot with some new out-shows of new ‘car showcasing’.

Lotus also brought it to a state-of-revelation that it happened to be in a stock of a new car but that really expelled soon enough even before the customers pined for it. But lately a mushrooming of a rejuvenating of the Elan by Lotus was anticipated to happen in the year 2021 and that was firmly clasped by the team Lotus to show up with that thing along with a long-thought concept of the company shifting to an electric world altogether.

Thus all we have is our cushioned-being-slouched in the sofa to palpate of these new beginnings which Lotus has lent to its anticipators which will soon present them up with a spectacular piece of a sports car to pitch up an era of flamboyance again.

The freshest of all is the news of the new Lotus type 131 which is closely setting up new avenues to its existing sibling Elan but if that seriously turns out to be true then Lotus might have to embrace the change, the 131 is owned by Fiat though.

The simplification is added with an extra pat-on-the-back with this type 131 and it will lighten up the overall onus of the other engines too.

Logically it has been verbalized from a close source that this car, all set to roll-on-road, will host a turbocharged 4 cylinder engine but that relies on a less-likely-scale though.
The Exige and Evora would be buffering up with the type 131 outfit wherein the Evora is drilled with 416 of horsepower and 332 of torquing ability and the Exige can be tasted with a 370 of horsepower and a 302 of torquing ability.

  • The Exige – $139,500
  • The Evora – $96, 950

Above are the prices which will be tagged on the duo cars creped by the Team Lotus which are framed for the year 2020.