2020 New Toyota Corolla and its feature overview

2020 New Toyota Corolla and its feature overview


Rekindly your soul
Donning this techno-toy
Drive more miles
Release endless joy

Sprinklers of splendor and an unfolding of unending fun is evoked as a flash of light moves past your eyes and turns your irises and a sudden wicked liking gets established and such is the aura of the car COROLLA that has descended with yet another performance boost and a whole new uplifted spirits and is even more sharper and bolder than ever before which soon will blew-off your minds in no time so unfold more of it as you near to the end.


A layer of serenity has been incorporated in the newer built of COROLLA which is yet another shower of unadulterated techno-touch rendered at the hands of intuitively focused people in the factory.

A sense of righteousness and a vibe of dynamic appearance can be traced in the outer styling of the determined new COROLLA . Rectification and a minor drill of reengineering has taken place and some erroneous styling which happened with vehicles like RAV4 have now been put to a whole new right thing. Rippling ahead of shadows and grooving forth with exuberance is what this new generation COROLLA  has come up with. Something that adds more to its style is its neatly framed grilles and a sharp slit located at the very back but that’s not all, though past COROLLA’S were done up with some curvature but COROLLA now is palpated more of a plain and a shaped car.


Pitched with a voluble voice and armed with utmost poise the power equation of the TOYOTA was neither downtrodden nor it happened to fall in the bracket of frail cars but though none can shut the haters blabbering.

Its menacing tout built is now buttered with more layers of power that sails it with even more flair than before. Illuminated with long-lasting road existence and a drive quality hardly noticed with those of its rivals. The ‘now’ version of COROLLA has spilled more fuel that is torching its enemies.

Quality And Comfort

Broader in looks, a subtle wider existence, and a bit lowered dimension is what this year’s COROLLA is penned with. The features aren’t just serving their amenity-oriented functions but are bulging out in abundance. Littered with love and a feature hub that resides inside its internal casing is what prompts us more. A minor contraction has been poured so it has more of dwindled in spacing.

To sip in the pleasure of front-seats and a plush comfort then gorge-in in this magnificent beauty. The COROLLA’S overall finishing and brushed-up dynamics are though raised and soared in all stances and one thing that does more of the proclaiming is its ride quality. Knowing the fact that it has been molded into a shorter one it’s not quite apt though for a human of 6’ft height. Synthetic upholstery laced with leather reclines your back at an, even more, softer touch and it also hosts an extra adjustment. More of head-room space can be availed by a 6ft tall man as he/she can drive more of room even under accustomed sun-roof.


Engine And Specifications

Every bit of a car is somewhat intertwined and correlates multiple of things and elements that together establish a host of specifications which comes fitted beneath the hood of the car which serves as an element that sails and runs the car.

Torque 151 ft-lbs. @ 4400 rpm
Base engine 1.8 Liter
Horsepower 169 hp @ 6600 rpm
Turning circle 35.6 ft
Cylinders Inline 4
Fuel Type Regular Unleaded
Valves 16

Features And Convenience

  • Audio and cruise control.
  • Front and rear cupholders.
  • Overhead console with extra storage.
  • Front and rear door pockets.
  • Climate control.
  • Turn signal mirrors.
  • Air-filtration.

The Final Finding-of-Fact

While we may not, initially, come to the dwindling of the other options but we surely become hooked with the one providing sheer luxury with least of inconvenience at the hand.

We remain one step near and far from everything in life but that ain’t the same thing with purchasing of your car, you either buy-in a beast or go with a frail dog but something that rekindles and stirs up the emotional quotient of a family car then get into the grips of all new COROLLA  yet a car with a treasure in its being.



  • Frabjous fuel economy.
  • Fitted with best-in-class safety equipment.
  • Bang for the buck, mainly hybrid.


  • Engine with an uproar.
  • Noisy door bins.
  • Missing USB outlets for the rear passengers.


Q.1 Which year’s corolla was the best of all?

Ans. The model 2014 of corolla sported a delightful mileage of 30 to 40 on the gas-induced version.

Q.2 Where are corolla cars built?

Ans. Corolla has imposed a surreal image on the people of America but much of erecting of cars is done in the U.S.

Q.3 Why corolla is so popular?

Ans. Because it is simple yet beautiful, costly yet affordable and is stated as a possession of nearly 44 million people till date.

Q.4 Can it sprint longer distances.?

Ans. It is by far the best and fun to drive a car that pulls a life-expectancy of about 10 years or 300000 miles.