Go Around And Revolve More With Volvo V60 Cross Country 2021

Go Around And Revolve More With Volvo V60 Cross Country 2021


The conceptual sketching of the car Volvo V60/cross country has trickled down with the blueprints of the sedan Volvo S60 which has come from the Swedish house of Volvo, which boasts some magnanimous looking car, which comforts and solaces the audience with its practicality and luxury arrangements.

The Volvo V60 is draped under two robes, a regular and a lifted. The Volvo V60 has a whole lot of punches of power under its metal skin and can either be garaged in with an all-wheel-drive or a front-wheel-drive mechanism.

A turbocharged 4 cylinder engine is what comes with this glossy looking car. Fuel cannot always serve you longer journeys but at times you sought an engine as majestically hybrid as the one in the Volvo V60.

As much as 22 miles of the electric sprint can be stretched out with the Volvo V60 Cross country. Audi A4 All road and Mercedes Benz E Class All Terrain have are the duos that have dreamt of challenging the back stretched Volvo V60 Cross country with their prances, but with a snake-long list of high-tech-savvy features, poshly-perfused-cabin, the Volvo V60 becomes the jack-of-all-trades.

What’s new in the Box of 2021?

Volvo Lineup has always done the benediction of some technically sound features, a blind spot monitoring thing, LED headlamps, exterior mirror with power adjustment, rear cross-traffic alert, USB type C charging have all been kept as standard. A handful of other charms added to the car are

  • 18-inch wheel design to the momentum model
  • Black exterior accents in R-design trim 
  • Liner lime wood design interiors in Cross Country

The Volvo’s Engine Talk

The V60 lineup for the year 2020 gets an input of two powerful and dogged engines, to those adorned with the engravings of T5 Monikers would be stuffed with a 250 horsepower turbocharged 4 cylinder and would be rolling with a front-wheel-drive technique but then for the Cross country, which on exclusivity, holds all-wheel-drive, would be more agile though.

The T5 powertrain of Volvo V60 was found much brawny and confident and stretched out leisurely to 60mph in somewhat 6.4 seconds. The T8 Polestar of Volvo V60 is baked with 415 horses with a supercharged and turbocharged 4 cylinder engine, entwined with an all-wheel-drive platform with electric motors.

What to expect in Safety Standards?

The NHTSA or better known as stretched out National Highway Traffic Safety Administration has emblazoned and kept-on-head-of-car a five-star rating for its security standards. But the IIHS or Insurance Institute of Highway Safety hasn’t wrenched the car for any tests. Some of Volvo’s safety standard features are

  • Driver assistance features 
  • Lane-keeping assist 
  • Rear cross-traffic alert 
  • Emergency automated braking
  • Collision avoiding technique technologies 
  • Pedestrian detection
  • Adaptive cruise control
  • Partial or semi-autonomous driving mode.

The Price Tag Emblazoned

The Volvo V60 Cross Country V60 T5 4dr Wagon AWD, 2L 4Cylinder Turbo 8A is the one carrying the least weight of money and is priced at $45,450.